The Iron Heart: Eros is a member of Commando group

The new action series has recently been the subject of news that has gone viral online. When the general public learned about the series, they all began to use the internet to learn more about it. Not only that, but they are all looking for the show’s cast as well. We will provide information about the new action series in this article. Not only that, but we’ll also share details about the show’s cast. Continue reading the article to learn more.

Iron Heart Commando

Iron Heart Commando Video

As more celebrities join Richard Gutierrez in the second season of the popular program, which has garnered more than 300 million views on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter for its heart-stopping action scenes and compelling plot, the action in ABS-CBN’s hit action series “The Iron Heart” is expected to intensify even more and feature more action of the highest caliber. The plot will become more intriguing, captivating, and complicated as it explores the character of Apollo thanks to the addition of new cast members JM de Guzman, Carmen Soo, Fabio Ide, Richard Quan, Ruby Ruiz, Igi Boy Flores, Anna Luna, Ruben Soriquez, Krystal Brimner, Cris Villanueva, and Alex Medina.

“Medyo lumalalim yung kwento ng ‘Iron Heart.'” ‘Iron Heart’ has always been about doing what is right or wrong for Apollo and the other characters, from the beginning. As opposed to what Apollo’s character believed, right and wrong are more complicated now, Jay stated. JM discussed how he and the other new cast members adapted to their characters in the show swiftly. “I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of the Iron Heart, po. Jake and Richard were incredibly kind to us even though we weren’t expecting it. Niya said, “Sobrang welcome nila sa set. According to the plot, Apollo would be more interested in learning more about this new organization called Altare, which not only killed his companion Juno (Meryll Soriano) but also wreaked havoc in his neighborhood.

Apollo might find a partner in Harmonia (Carmen Soo), who wants to hire him to take down the syndicate, as he sets out on a forthcoming expedition. As Harmonia suspects he has ties to Altare, it is still unclear if Menandro (Ian Veneracion) is a friend or foe. As one of the members of Altare, Atlas (Richard), seeks to attract Selene (Dimples Romana), Orcus (Christian Vasquez), and their new member Darron (Fabio), they are all not immune to Altare’s influence.  On the other hand, Brother Orion (JM) and his church members Cora (Ruby Ruiz), Koa (Alex Medina), and (Anna Luna) lead the mysterious religious group known as Yusebeia, which Apollo’s uncle, Hector (Roi Vinzon), has joined.

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