Wisconsin Woman Stabbed Her Ex-Partner In His Sleep: Who Is Morgan Lund?

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Morgan Lund

Wisconsin Woman Stabbed Her Ex-Partner

On Friday, November 3, a Wisconsin woman who had stabbed her ex-boyfriend 19 times while he slept was given a sentence of seven years and six months in jail. In addition, the 22-year-old defendant, Morgan Taylor Lund, faces five years of extended supervision for the offence of aggravated violence. After that, she will be on probation for five more years for second-degree recklessly endangering safety. In August, Lund entered a plea of not guilty to the two accusations. Winnebago County authorities claim that she stabbed her ex-boyfriend 19 times as he was sleeping with a pair of scissors.

Morgan Lund

The victim requested the truth from Lund after he or she miraculously escaped the terrifying attack. He asked her, “What the f**k is wrong with you?” according to the records. “I thought I saw something,” Lund said in response to the question, “Why in my sleep, bro?” according to Law & Crime. The man answered, “No!” An officer arrived on the scene and saw blood. Documents said that when Officer Bennett arrived at the top of the steps, he spotted a younger, blonde woman with the appearance of blood on her feet, legs, forearms, and hands. She was also wearing an oversized blue UCLA sweatshirt.

The records also stated that “she was applying pressure to a shirtless male’s upper chest or right shoulder area while leaning over the back of a black sectional couch in a living room.” Before the event, the two didn’t have the best of times together. The former partner said that Lund repeatedly struck him and otherwise mistreated him physically. They shared a child and a home, but they were constantly at odds, to the point that he would end their arguments because he no longer had anything to do with her. Even yet, their relationship terminated one or two months before the stabbing. However, the man stated that he was unsure of Lund’s motivation for stabbing him, “particularly in front of his daughter.”

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