Why Kareem Cadet Arrested: Fashion Designer Charged For A Fight At Bar

Kareem Cadest’s arrest news is one of the most trending news of the current time. He is a well-known fashion designer who is really popular in the world of fashion and entertainment. He is also known as the reality TV star. He has been arrested because of his fight which happened in a bar. This news is currently one of the most shared news on Twitter (X). His followers are really shocked after listening to this arrest news. Currently, he is under police custody. Since his arrest people are heavily searching his name on the border and a lot of netizens are curious to know about this whole case. People want to know the charge against Kareem. So in this article here is every single update about this arrest case.

Kareem Cadet Arrest

Why Kareem Cadet Arrested

Kareem Cadet is a popular celebrity fashion designer. He has worked with many famous renowned celebrities. He is well-known in the fashion and entertainment industry. He is very active on TikTok. But till now he is just followed by 1,000 followers on TikTok. You can search for him on TikTok as @cadetcouture. He is also active on YouTube. He rarely shares any video on YouTube. He mostly posts fashion content on YouTube and TikTok. Keep reading.

Kareem Cadet

The name of the well-known fashion designer is currently making rounds on the internet. Kareem Cadet is one of the most searched people right now. He is trending because of his arrest news. Yes, Kareem has been arrested. This news is confirmed and he has been charged because of a fight. He is linked with a fight at a bar in Buckhead. Officers said that they got to know about a physical altercation at the Luca lounge on Pharr Road at around 11:40 p.m. on Friday. At that time officers arrived at the location suddenly and they broke up the fight in which a total of three reality TV stars were involved. To know the names of all the reality TV stars who were involved in this fight scroll down to the next paragraph.,

In this fight total of three TV stars were involved whose name are Rodney Shaw, Wric Mena, and Addie Richardson. They all are arrested including Kareem. All these reality TV stars were also charged with a case of obstruction of law enforcement officers. The investigation of this is currently under progress. More information about this case will be revealed very soon on PKB news.

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