Dozy Mmobuosi Parents: Nigeria tech guru Career Earning Net Worth

Social media users are always keen to know about the personal lives of famous personalities. This time, they are searching about Dozy Mmobuosi and looking to know insight into his personal life including information on his net worth and source of earnings. The name came into the limelight after the Nigerian billionaire produced an 8-figure cash injection. He is an advocate for technological and social development in Africa. He is quite a popular technology entrepreneur. He has completed his degree Bachelor of Science as well as a Master of Science in Economics.

Dozy Mmobuosi Parents

Dozy Mmobuosi Parents

He completed both his degree at Ambrose Alli University which is situated in Nigeria. This African billionaire created a lot of sensation after he purchased Sheffield United has been out. His latest purchase pulled the attention of the people and they want to know how much money he is making in the year and what his net worth is. The report states that it is the 2nd time Africa to purchase an English football club. A long time back, another richest man from Africa attempted to purchase Arsenal but at that, but he was not able to purchase it. Let’s find out more about it but for that, you need to read the next paragraph.

Dozy Mmobuosi Parents

Who Is Dozy Mmobuosi?

He is the founder and CEO of 2 famous United State businesses, Tingo and Tingo International Holdings, Inc. (TIH). TIH is a search and acquisition company aimed at the technology sector and on the other side, Tingo is the top Agri-Fintech company of the continent. He and his father co-established Tingo, famously known as fair dealing in the month of January 2001. In the year 2003, he founded Naijafans which is a social media networking platform. After that, he founded Nwassa in the year 2019. This firm is the 1st agricultural technology in Africa as well as it is a digital platform.

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Nwassa offers farmers payment methods, weather predictions, situation information, market pricing, and links to other service producers. The Tingopay and Nwassa buses registered 14.7 million peasants. He is a famous Nigerian millionaire who is ready to pay around € 90 million. He is paying this much amount for purchasing Sheffield United. The details of his parents are not known at this moment as he never shares any such information related to his personal life.

The parents of technology entrepreneurs are in Nigeria and living their life the fullest. He exchanges the marriage vows with Oluwatosin Mmobuosi. However, the details of his wife are not known at this moment. The couple has been living together and has 3 kids, Dozy Jr Mmobuosi, Isioma Mmobuosi Nwamaka, and Mmobuosi. Speaking about his net worth, his estimated net worth of Dozy is $7 billion and he is considered one of the billionaires who hails from Africa.

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