WATCH: Doctor Who Tegan And Nyssa reunite in emotional video

The classic companions of Doctor Who have united once again shows an emotional clip that surfaced recently. Yes, you heard it right, Tegan and Nyssa are reuniting in Doctor Who. The recently released clip shows an emotional reunion of Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding’s on-screen companions. Since this news surfaced, fans of Doctor Who have been taking over the internet and trying to unfold the details of this reunion. Tegan previously made her return to Doctor Who last year in a special episode “The Power of the Doctor”. Now Tegan is all set to return to the show. Another companion reunion is on the cards this time. Last time Tegan was apparently palling around the Ace. Continue reading this article and learn more details. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Doctor Who Tegan And Nyssa

Doctor Who Tegan And Nyssa reunite in emotional video

The trailer video for season 20, titled The Passenger, shows Tegan receiving a mysterious text that reads “Blue Box” and asks her to come to the fairground. The Passenger is written by Pete McTighe. Later Tegan shockingly asserts “That’s impossible” after discovering who it was that sent the blue box text to her. The clip further shows the person who sent the “Blue Box” text to Tegan is Nyssa. This marks the reunion of Tegan and Nyssa, the latter reveals that she was waiting for Tegan. She was having hitched a ride in the TARDIS from where they saw one another, Terminus. The full video is available on Youtube. Swipe down the page and read more about Doctor Who.

The full clip further shows Nyssa telling Tegan the Doctor wants to see her. Tegan replies, “Which one? Scarf or celery, or woman?” During their reunion, Nyssa and Tegan reminisce about the past while Nyssa says she missed their interactions while Tegan says she wishes she had realized she was lucky. Further, Tegan comes into the TARDIS for a second chance but Mara is tricking her due to which she finds herself in the dark. Scroll down the page.

Mara tempts Tegan with her deepest desires. After the trailer, she wakes up defeated and gives a warning to Mara that it will never get the better of her. The video ends with an ominous cracking with Mara trying to break out of the mirror. McTighe is the writer of the clip. He has previously been acknowledged for writing the long-running sci-fi series Praxeus, Kerblam, and Thirteenth Doctor. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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