Why Did Rocky Leave Astro? How Many KPOP Members left?

There is no doubt in saying that I-band has become popular all over the world. K-dramas, film, culture, music, food even clothes everything related to Korea is now becoming everyone’s favorite. ASTRO is one such famous KPOP group that has won the hearts of admirers throughout the world with its upbeat music and charming personalities. Mostly young women follow them and always keep on searching for them. However, this K-band made a lot of headlines in the news when member Rocky declared that he is leaving the group.

Rocky Leave Astro

Why Did Rocky Leave Astro?

This news has stunned their fans and they are sad as well as keen to know the reason for it. Rocky shares that the reason for her departure is his contract ending which he signed with the label Fantagio. Now people are wondering to know the future of the K-band and now what the other members will do without him. Initially many of the fans of this band think this news to be fake but sadly it is true and the reason we mentioned above is also true. His contract will be ending which he signed with the label Fantagio.

Rocky Leave Astro

His departure news from the band is officially asserted by Fantagio on Monday, 27th February 2023, through an official statement. The agency is thanking Rocky for his contributions to the group and wished him the best in his future try. The reason for the departure of Rocky from ASTRO is not yet clear. Though some speculate that it may be because of the differences between him and the label regarding his bright career path. The reports also suggested that Rocky was looking to explore his musical career as a solo artist, whereas Fantagio had some other plans for Rocky. Now whatever the reason is, the fans are quite sad about this news and they are already missing him.

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Rocky Leave Astro

What Is ASTRO KPOP Members?

ASTRO is a 6-member KPOP group created in the year 2015 under Fantagio Entertainment. The members are Yoon San-ha, JinJin, Moonbin, MJ, Rocky, and Cha Eun-woo. This K-group marked its debut in the month of February 2016 with the single titled “Hide & Seek”. Since then this band became quite popular in South Korea as well as all over the world. This band is particularly famous for their upbeat music, charming personalities, and energetic performances, which help them to raise a huge fan following. The fans of this band are already started missing Rocky. Apart from there has been hearsay that ASTRO is disbanding since the news of the departure of Rocky. Though there has been no official confirmation from the label or the rest of the group members the group related to this matter.

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