Who Is Demetrius Haley Wife? Former Memphis Police Officer Arrest And Charge

Demetrius Haley used to be a police officer at Memphis Police Department. He was earning a decent salary there. He was a team leader at Memphis Shelby County division of correction. The recent sources and the Chief Officer of the Memphis Police Department say that Demetrius plays a big role in the murder of Nichols. Other officials including Demetrius beats Nichols. He was in a serious condition and was hospitalized. He was not able to survive more than three days. The incident took place on 7 January 2023, and he died on 10 January 2023. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Demetrius Haley Wife

Is Demetrius Haley Married?

Demetrius is unmarried yet. He is also said to beat Nichols’s mother brutally. Row Vaughn Wells, his mother was a protestor against police violence. She was beaten to suppress the issue.

Demetrius Murder Arrest:

Demetrius was declared guilty along with four other officials. They all are arrested and charged with second-degree murder. He was put into Shelby County Jail. The police released him after he offered $ 3,50,000.

Demetrius Haley Wife

Past History Of Demetrius:

He was also caught beating an eight-year-old, Cordarlrius Sledge. He filed a lawsuit for the case in 2016. The judge buried the previous case.

Demetrius was charged with murder, kidnapping, and misconduct. The second-degree murderer receives a punishment of 15 years to 60 years in prison.

A video came out on 27 January 2023. Police claim that the victim was driving at a fast speed. The police tried to stop him. The incident happened after that.

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Demetrius Haley Wife


The victim Nichols died three days after being hospitalized. Demetrius was charged with second-degree murder. He is said to beat the victim and his mother. The later conversation shows that the victim gets injured due to his reckless driving. All the suspects were arrested. Demetrius is released after paying a certain amount.

Nichols’s family is going through tough times. They want the suspects to be punished. The investigation is still going on. All these incidents make the situation even more critical.

Nichols was admitted for three days in the hospital. He tried hard but was not able to survive. He lost his life on the ventilator. The body is shown with marks. It is clear that he was beaten.

The case is still going on. Many people are not happy with the release of Demetrius. The public wants to know more about Demetrius family. The hate has been increased among the public after Nichols’s mother was beaten.

This was all for the Nichols murder case. We will update you as the case proceeds further.

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