Preston Walls Arrested: Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr Shot And Killed

Gionni Dameron And Rashad were killed. Preston Walls is found guilty. You will get complete information about the incident in this article. Keep reading for details. The murder happened in Des Moines. It is a popular city in Lowa in America. Des Moines school is the main school in the city. According to the sources, GionniDameron and Rashad were working at the school. They were working for youth welfare and anti-violence. Sources say that they both were sitting in open at the school around 1 p.m. Preston came with a handgun and started firing at them. A well-known rapper, Will Keeps tried to escort the suspect. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Preston Walls Arrested Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr Shot And Killed

Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr Shot And Killed

He did not stop firing even after they fall to the ground. They both were taken to hospital but severely injured. Will Keeps running into a car with other people. Gionni and Rashad were young. One was eighteen years and the other sixteen years. Will Keeps goes through surgery. He is injured and in critical condition on Tuesday. Keeps is even more determined to continue his mission. He will fight back for anti-violence.

Preston Walls Arrested

Preston Walls was released from jail in June 2022. He was under supervision. The police asked him to wear an ankle monitor. He removes the device sixteen minutes before the incident. There are not many details about the incident. The investigation is still going on. No more information will be revealed till the investigation is carried out. The security footage is captured.

Preston Walls Arrested Gionni Dameron And Rashad Carr Shot And Killed

The site has been blocked by the police for finding more clues. People are terrified. The police department is sincerely working on the case because it is necessary to have action. Else this will increase the violence. Preston Walls was arrested on Wednesday. We will get back with more information about the incident. Stay connected with us. The police have put charges on him for first-degree murder.


Gionni Dameron and Rashad were not able to survive. They were injured and died at the hospital. Keeps is injured. It is very important to take action in such cases. If we don’t act upon such incidents, violence will take its route. People won’t be able to live freely. We often see many incidents. Every common man wants to live peacefully. The public is demanding justice for them. Stay connected for more being updated with the latest news.

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