Cow Urine Contains Harmful Bacteria Says IVRI

A recent study conducted by the Indian Veterinary Research showed that at least 14 types of dangerous bacteria were discovered in cows’ and bulls’ urine samples, including the Escherichia coli bacterium, which is usually connected with stomach diseases in people. Read the article further to know more.

Cow Urine Contains Harmful Bacteria

Cow Urine Contains Harmful Bacteria

According to a study conducted by the IVCRI, Bareilly, at least 14 types of dangerous and menacing bacteria have been discovered in samples of urine of various cows and bulls. These include the harmful Escherichia coli bacterium, which causes stomach infections. These bacteria cause various infectious diseases, which include severe stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting. Young children and other adults have a greater risk of developing a life-threatening form of kidney failure due to this bacteria.

According to the peer-reviewed study published in Reearchgate, 73 urine samples of bovines have tested for the epidermis and E Rhapontici, the common bacterial colonizer of the skin and mucous membranes of humans and other mammals. The study was led by Bhoj Raj Singh and three other colleagues who claimed that antibacterial activity in buffalo urine was superior to cows.

Cow Urine Contains Harmful Bacteria

The statistical report of urine samples of cow, buffaloes, and humans suggest that antibacterial activity in buffalo urine was superior to cows. The urine of buffalo was importantly more effective on bacteria like S epidermis and E Rhapontci. He said that we have collected urine samples of three types of cows – Sahiwal, Tharparkar, and Vindavani from local dairy farms, along with samples of buffaloes and humans. Our study carried out in June 2022, concluded that a sizeable proportion of urine samples from apparently healthy individuals carry potentially pathogenic bacteria. He also warned against the consumption of cow urine and said that there is one commonly held belief that cow urine is antibacterial which cannot be generalized.

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Cow Urine Contains Harmful Bacteria

Cow urine is a popular health myth. Cow urine has been a popular drink across various cultures, even though various studies conducted worldwide have proved that it is toxic and not fit for human consumption. A study published in the journal Tropical Medicine and Hygiene says Cow’s urine concoction, a traditional remedy for convulsive seizures in Nigeria, is associated with severe poisoning, sometimes with a fatal outcome in Nigerian children.

Following are the few side effects mentioned in the study, which includes:

  • Many components of cow urine are said to be toxic.
  • In dogs, the urine has shown bradycardia, tachycardia, and a biphasic effect on blood pressure characterized by a fall.
  • Progressive hypotension following repeated administration of CUPR was also shown in all experimental dogs.

In India, cow urine is supplied across the market food safety and standard authority of India FSAI trademark. During the Covid-19 outbreak, several people across the country claimed that cow urine and dung could cure several diseases, including infection caused by SARS-2.

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