Atiq Ahmed’s son, aide killed in encounter with UP police

There are few cases that instantly pull the attention of all over the world. It is disturbing to think that how some people commit crimes without fear. Despite knowing the consequences of their crime still, they dare to do it and their crime brings them into the news and sparked debate on the web. Usually, there are many cases that remain to solve but some cases ask for more attention and trigger police to solve them first. There are several crimes or incidents has happened on daily basis and out of these one is currently trending and forcing people to find more of it.

Atiq Ahmed

Those people who think we are talking about Umesh Pal then they are absolutely right, this news is presented in the news, and social media users want to know about it. Those who don’t know about him will feel sad after learning that he was the victim of a murder. He was shot at and the target of crude bomb attacks that happened outside his house. The police have nabbed the suspects who are responsible for the killing of Umesh who are identified as Atiq Ahmed, his wife, and their 2 sons brother Ashraf and many others.

The main suspect is Atiq Ahmed who is a gangster-turned-politician and has already been involved in many crimes. Such a kind of crime is not new to him and that is why did not even think twice before assassinating Umesh Pal. A new report has been added which informs that the Uttar Police Special Task Force (STF) shot and assassinated mafia don, Asad Ahmed, the son of Atiq Ahmed in an encounter. This incident happened on Wednesday, 12th April 2023 and this incident marked a significant milestone in the Umesh Pal killing probe. Now there are many people who are searching for the details of the victim.

Who Was Umesh Pal?

Umesh Pal was a lawyer by profession and he was the prime witness in the murder case of BSP MLA Raju Pal that happened in the year 2005. The late lawyer was shot dead on 24th February 2023 close to his house in Prayagra located in Uttar Pradesh. The victim asserted that on 8th February 2006, he was abducted under threat of force because he would not backtrack and give in to the pressure Ahmed. In further addition to this, after conquering Khalid Azim the younger brother of ex-MP Atiq Ahmed in order to bag the seat of the Allahabad (West) Assembly in his 1st election, Lawmaker Raju Pal was killed after a few months.

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