WATCH: Chinese Zoo Sun Bears Costume Reddit Photos Circulated On Social Media

A video of a Chinese zoo has left the internet divided as netizens are debating if the bear in the video is real or fake. People are speculating that the ongoing viral video features a man in a bear’s costume. However, the Chinese zoo has denied the ongoing speculations and called this a real Sun Bear. But still, the internet is not so sure about it. Therefore, we come up with this article to share some genuine facts and let you know what the Chinese zoo claims about the ongoing viral video of Sun Bear. In the latest statement, the Chinese zoo denied its sun bears are humans in costume. Let’s explore this story. The ongoing rumors about Sun Bear in a Chinese zoo need to be pondered. If you are also scrambling to the internet regarding the Chinese zoo sun bears costume Reddit video, stick with this article and go through it till the end.

Chinese Zoo Sun Bears Costume Reddit

Chinese Zoo Sun Bears Costume Reddit

Many people also thought the sun bears in the zoo might be black dogs or humans in bear costumes. However, the officials of the zoo have clearly denied the ongoing rumors. They said no, she’s not a dog or a black bear. The caretakers of the sun bears said they are definitely not a person dressed in an animal costume. Let’s learn some details about the bear that is shown in the viral Chinese zoo video.

It is a Sun Bear and her name is Angela. The Malayan Sun Bear can be seen clapping back at The Hangzhou Zoo, a Chinese zoo. The photos and videos of Malayan Sun Bear show her standing on her hind legs looking like a human in an animal costume which left the netizens to doubt her identity. But the officials of The Hangzhou Zoo have responded to the ongoing viral video and denied it by saying Angela and her fellow zoo bear companions are human imposters.

The official website of the zoo features a post related to Angela, it reads, “I’m working hard, but someone suspects that I’m looking for a substitute. Yesterday, after I got off work, I received a call from the director, asking me if I was lazy and did not go to work, so I hired two legs (a human) to replace me. Unexpectedly, I was sitting in the mountains, and hot searches fell from the sky. Some people think that I am popular when I stand up. It seems that you don’t know me too well. Think about it, there were tourists who thought I was petite and not a bear!” Later the post reiterated that Angela is a sun bear, not a black bear or a dog. It’s a sun bear.

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