Central America Earthquake: Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Struck Off El Salvador’s Pacific Coast

Breaking News: The recent Earthquake which has occurred near El Salvador’s Pacific coast has shaken the local people who live near the location. The recent earthquake was very disturbing for everyone. It was a earthquake of 6.5 magnitude. This earthquake hit a depth of around 70 kilometers of the Pacific coast of El Salvador. But till now there is not any clear report of the damages which have occurred. And there is no Tsunami warning has been given by the news reporters. So this is a very safest thing at the current time. But this is a very tough time for the people who live on Slavador’s Pacific coast. Central America Earthquake: Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Struck-Off El Salvador’s Pacific Coast:

Centeral America Earthquake

Central America Earthquake: Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake

According to the United States of Georgical Survey, the earthquake of magnitude 6.5 hinted at a deep depth of approx 70 kilometers off the Pacific coast of El Salvador on 19th July 2023, Tuesday evening. As per the reports of El Salvador’s environment ministry, the is not any reports of damages till now and they have also given no tsunami warning. But we all know there is big damage to the location because of the massive earthquake. A Twitter page name @huhearthquakes posted a post where they wrote that “On 19th July 2023, a magnitude 6.5 deep earthquake has been struck Intipuca El Salvador. The earthquake produced at the intensity of VIMMI. And no causalities were recorded till now.”

Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake El Salvador's Pacific Coast

As per the experts, the checks were seen being carried out in the coastal city of La Libertad, near the capital San Salvador. And also municipality committee has also reported that there were is no damage has been seen yet. And as per the U.S. Georgical Survey, the epicenter was located 43 miles (70 Kilometers) and 27 miles (43 kilometers) south of Intipuca, El Salvador. This place is located outside the Gulf of Fonseca where El, Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras all share a coastline. Scroll down to the next paragraph to know more.

Earthquake Struck Off El Salvador's Pacific Coast

Local people who live in the capital of El Salvador were so worried and they went out of their house when the earthquake occurred. And all the people are totally safe and they are not injured. but there is not any report of victims when one radio station opened their phone lines to people across the whole nation. All the legislators of the nation left the Legislative assembly and ran out of the building to save their lives. And later they went inside the building and started working again.

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