Nationwide Building Society Job Losses: 100+ Of Jobs Being Axed At Bank Nationwide

Just In, a source-based report stated that hundreds of jobs at banks nationwide would be axed. Yes, you heard it right, shock waves are coming from the Nationwide Building Society which is about to axe hundreds of jobs as the company streamlines certain parts of its workers. Recently, a spokesperson of the National Building Society came fore and announced that it is expected that 450 jobs would be axed in an attempt to ensure the best meets of our colleagues and a distinctive customer experience. Since this announcement was made, people have been keen on it. They are scrounging web articles to learn this matter in detail. Here we have come up with all the details related to this story. Explore the Nationwide Building Society Job Losses by dragging down the page.

Nationwide Building Society Job Losses

Nationwide Building Society Job Losses

As mentioned, a representative of the Nationwide Building Society confirmed around 450 workers of its workforce will be made redundant because the organization streamlines some parts of it. He also added that the company’s strategy is to provide its member with greater value, a distinctive experience for the customer, and better products. To achieve this, the system must be in the best position. Thus, they took this step in an attempt to be more efficient and agile.

A spokesperson for the Nationwide Building Society said, “We continually review our office estate to ensure it best meets the needs of our colleagues and members.” Our strategy is to give members greater value, better products, and a distinctive customer experience. He kept on saying to do this, our systems and operations must be best-in-class and we need to be more agile and efficient. We are streamlining some of our central, non-member-facing teams which will enable us to increase investment in the value and service we provide our members. Kindly read more details and information in the next section.

This laying off will be across the company not just at the Swindon headquarter. The Echo’s sister paper the Swindon Advertiser confirmed that the jobs would be axed across the company. The company stated we have worked hard to maintain the number of affected colleagues to a minimum. It is expected that around 450 to say goodbye to society. The company also promised to provide the best support to the affected. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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