Who are Mahek Bukhari’s parents? Mother Ansreen Bukhari and Father Ali Raza

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Who are Mahek Bukhari’s parents?

In a recent turn of events, it was reported that the TikTok influencer Mahek Bukhari and her mother have been found guilty of murdering Saquib Hussain in a terrible horror crash. Read further to know more about her parents and family life. However, in this article, you must explore to know more about Mahek’s age, parents, siblings, net worth, and boyfriend as the TikTok creator is a well-known individual. Reportedly, Mahek Bukhari hails from the United Kingdom’s Stroke-on-Trent. Majorly, she is recognized as a social media influencer and has a social media handle on a practical level of all social media networks. Moreover, her expertise is in the beauty and fashion industries since she always shares information to keep her fans and followers involved.

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As far as her age is concerned, Mahek Bukhari is currently 23 years age as of October 22 and she was born in 1999. Mahek Bukhari was born to Ansreen Bukhari and her father’s name is not revealed. It is believed that her mother is the managing director of City Security Plus and a famous TikTok celebrity. The daughter-mother duo shares a close-knit relationship with each other. However, no details about her father are known to us. Furthermore, she has not revealed the name of her siblings publicly, therefore making it impossible to learn if she has any. As far as her relationship status is concerned, her boyfriend has not been corroborated yet we can assume that she has someone dear to her heart other than the family members.

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Mahek Bukhari

At the moment, we can anticipate her to be a single woman. Instead, she believes to concentrate more on her business to make a healthy living for her family and herself. Undoubtedly, she looks beautiful in her physical appearance and stands tall at 5 feet and 2 inches. Moreover, her weight is said to be 54kg. It is unsure to comment on her sibling bond since her family status is not really in the limelight. You can check her Instagram handle with the name @maybvlogs which has over 45K followers and her Twitter handle is not available currently. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel with the name May B Vlogs. However, she was engaged in a vehicle accident in February 2022 where she became a topic of discussion. Recently, a young man named Sadiq Hussain was killed in a staged accident where he was allegedly having an affair with her married mother. Reportedly, after she decided to discontinue her relationship with the man, the young man alleged to have threatened to reveal the tape to her husband.

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