Cakra Khan Impresses America’s Got Talent Judges In Audition: Who Is Cakra Khan?

This article is going to discuss the American Got Talent contestant “Cakra Khan.” He sang “Make It Rain” and “No Woman, No Cry”. He has impressed all the judges of the show. He has also won an amazing talent show competition “Indonesian Idol.” He has given many performances in American Got Talent. He debuted with his single “Setelah Kau Tiada” and that song became a huge hit in Indonesia. And also he made his acting debut in the Indonesian television show “Cinta Elif 2015”. He has gained everyone’s attention on the internet. People are really loving this contestant. Now read to know more about him. Cakra Khan Impresses America’s Got Talent Judges In Audition: Who Is Cakra Khan?

Cakra Khan America's Got Talent

Cakra Khan Impresses America’s Got Talent Judges In Audition

In American Got Talent season 18 auditions Cakra sang two songs “No Woman” and “Make It Rain” on 18th July 2023, Tuesday. He has impressed each and every judge. The audience is really loving him. He has won everyone’s hearts. Cakra Khan has an intense talent. His talent is on the next level and he has advanced to the competition next stage after he received yes votes from all the judges. Cakra’s full name is “Chandra Satria Khan”He is an Indonesian actor and singer. Cakra has risen to prominence after he won the famous talent show competition “Indian Idol” the year 2008. Now read the Wikipedia of Cakra Khan in the next paragraph.

Cakra Khan was born on 27th February 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a very passionate actor and singer. He started his career at a very young age. He started his music career by performing in local competitions and auditions. He got his big break when he auditioned and by his talent, he won the Indonesian Idol season five. After he won the Indonesian Idol Season 5, he eventually released his first song “Setelah kau Tiada”, that song gained a lot of attention and became a massive hit in Indonesia. This song received millions of views.

Cakra Khan

People say that he has a magical voice and he always gives an emotional performance which melts everyone’s heart. After the single, he released his first single album in 2013 and it also became the most successful album of the year in Indonesia. His talent gained him a huge fan base and now after a lot of years he has come out from Indonesia and participated in the biggest show America Got Talent and he has also won the hearts of all the judges. Now we wish him all the best for his future. We wish him luck for America Got Talent, and may he wins that show.

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