F1 Driver Ratings 2023: Australian Grand Prix F1 Driver Rankings

An Australian Grand Prix turned out to be wild with another win of  Max Verstappen/ Red Bull victory. Since the launch in 2020, they have rated each driver according to their performance out of 10. But in 2023 they changed the system to a ranking-based one. All the drivers will be ranked in the order of their performances from best to worst on each grand pix weekend and that will be going on based on their full range of criteria ranging from pace and racecraft to consistency and if they make any key mistakes. Delivering the maximum performance of the car will be going to essential consideration for the drivers.

F1 Driver Ratings 2023

F1 Driver Ratings 2023

Now let’s look up the ranking of F1 Grand Prix drivers. George Russell who started as the 2nd but was able to finish has ranked as the first. George has made a better start than Verstappen and that is what led him to the first stint. 2nd is Fernando Alonso started as the 4th but finished as the 3rd. For once you can say his attack around the outside style on the first lap didn’t pay off. 3rd is Lando Norris who started as the 13th and finished as the 6th in the race. He made some important passes along, even when Mclaren not being in a straight line.

As for 4th that will be Lewis Hamilton who started as the 3rd and finished as the 2nd. Lewis seems to bounce back with a good weekend. 5th is our winner of the race Max Verstappen who started as 1st and finished as 1st as well. 6th is Nico Hulkenberg who started as the 10th but finished as the 7th. Nico has delivered exactly what has signed him for you can say. 7th is Oscar Piastri who started as the 16th but finished as 8th in the race. 8th will be Lance Stroll who started as the 6th and finished as 4th. 9th is Zhou Guanyu who started as the 17th and finished as 9th, what a poor weekend for Alfa Romeo. 10th is Sergio Perez who finished as the 5th.

11th going to be Yuki Tsunoda who started as 12th and finished as 10th. 12th is Carlos Sainz who started as 5th but finished as 12th. Esteban Ocon who started as 11th and finished as 14th(DNF) has numbered 13th. 14th is Alex Albon who started as 8th but was not able to complete the race. 15th Valtteri Bottas finished 11th. 16th is Charles Leclerc. 17th is Pirre Gasly. 18th is Nyck De Vries. 19th is Logan Sargeant. 20th is Kevin Magnussen.

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