WATCH: Jeremy Howe Injury Video not shown during Geelong Cats vs Collingwood match

If you are scrounging web articles to get an update on the injury of Jeremy Howe, this is the right place. We have got a report that gave an update on Jeremy Howe’s injury. According to the reports, since Jeremy Howe’s injury incident broke out on social media, netizens are looking for Jeremy Howe’s injury video. A video of Jeremy Howe is trending on Twitter and Youtube. There are many people who are scrounging web articles to learn Jeremy Howe’s injury incident in detail. Thus we dug deep on the web and gathered information from multiple reports. In the following sections, you will get to learn some imperative details linked to this news. So be sticky with this page and must keep reading this article. Drag down the page.

Jeremy Howe Injury Video

Jeremy Howe Injury Video

Let’s start with the update on Jeremy Howe’s injury. As per the source, Jeremy Howe broke his forearm thus he underwent surgery. The news of his surgery was confirmed by Collingwood. Reportedly, vice-captain Jeremy Howe was taken to a hospital when he suffered one of the most horrific AFL injuries. Recalling the incident when Jeremy Howe broke his forearm, he was playing on Friday night when he collided with his opponent Tyson Stengle. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The star defender was attempting to spoil the ball from Tyson Stengle in the Early Stages of 3rd quarter of the Magpies when he severely collided with Tyson and suffered a horrific injury. As a result of the severe collision, Jeremy Howe left the MCG after awkwardly landing on his left arm. After the shocking collision of Jeremy Howe and Tyson Stengle the game was paused for seven minutes as Collingwood medical staff was assisting Jeremy Howe on the field. Fans were left shocked and stunned when they saw Jeremy Howe leaving the field lying on the turf with his arm out in excruciating pain.

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Jeremy Howe Injury Video

As the visuals were so painful, the broadcasters did not replay the footage of Jeremy Howe while suffering from unbearable pain. All the Magpies players and Geelong opponents as well surrounded Jeremy Howe to show their support and helped him in placing onto the stretcher. Later an ambulance was seen outside the Collingwood rooms. Kyle Pollard stated, “I mean, there are just no words for the absolute brutality of this game even in the modern era. Thoughts are with Jeremy. Awful.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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