Arlington Bank Robbery Update: Suspect in Custody After Holding Multiple Hostage

There is one or the other memory in everyone’s life which cannot be forgotten. Such moments or experiences can shake people to the core and can scare them till the last breath of their life. One such moment happened with the man who witnessed the bank robbery and now he talked about this scary experience. This incident happened in Arlington and now people are looking to know more details about it. Authorities state that a man who implied he had a gun demanded money from a bank that located in Arlington, Virginia, and held 4 adults and a child hostage on Tuesday, 11th April 2023 prior to the cops being able to take him into police custody.

Arlington Bank Robbery

Arlington Bank Robbery Update

Arlington County police who investigate the matter states that “the 5 individuals that include a child, are safe after the man blockaded them inside the Wells Fargo bank located in the 3100 block of Washington Boulevard, in the Clarendon area. The group included customers and the staff of the bank.  Fortunately, no loss of human or injuries were reported and the group was fine but still, it leaves a horrifying experience for them. According to the reports, the police got the initial report of an armed robbery at the bank at around 03:00 PM.

Arlington Bank Robbery

The preliminary probe mentioned that the man entered, implied he had a gun, and started demanding money and all the valuable things that were present in the bank. The spouse of one of the hostages stated minutes after dropping off his wife along with the daughter, 3 at the bank, he gets anguished calls. Jean-Paul states, “She called me 10 times and when I picked up the call, she stated a freak criminal is present in the bank and ask me to call the cops and informed them.” A video related to this incident also surfaced on the web which shows a large number of police officers in the area present outside the bank.

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Arlington Bank Robbery

For extra precautions, they even shut down the street so that no passengers would come there. A captive negotiator responded to the standoff, and police officers holding shields could be watched. On the other side, Paul made his way along closed streets and the police tape to the scene. He states that he was scared as he viewed a SWAT team and Arlington County Police attempt to convenience the man to give himself up. He states that “I stated it is no good, they assassinate people.”

Later on, at around 04:35 PM, cops states that they had taken the suspect into police custody and that hostages had “safely exited” the bank. Apart from it, police also asserted that no gun was discovered at the scene. The suspect was identified as Oscar Gonzalez Allarenja, 30 and he hails from Durham, North Carolina. He is facing charges of abduction and robbery.

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