Anime Adventures Guts: Max Level Unique Evolved SSS Guts Monster Meta Unit 1 Year Anniversary

Two new worlds have been included in Anime Adventures with its latest update. Since Anime Adventures introduced two new worlds: The Eclipse and Windhym, people have been showing their curiosity in knowing how they can join Guts, a former mercenary, against Griffin during the mission of vengeance. In this article, we will shed light on the highlights of the latest update of Anime Adventures. Roblox Anime Adventures completed one year and it is embarking one-year milestone with a significant update featuring two new worlds, events, features, and much more. You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article to know about Eclipse and Windhym. Swipe down the page and read more details about it.

Anime Adventures Guts

Anime Adventures Guts

In Windhym, players can join Guts on his mission of revenge against Griffin who is his former treacherous leader. The new worlds come with unique units for players to collect along with new mechanics. Anime Adventures also added a new feature named Guilds which is currently in beta version. Guilds allow the player to build their own Guilds or join existing ones by invitation. For the Guild activities, an area has been designated in the lobby where players can also customize their Guilds’ descriptions, colors, icons, and announcements. The new feature also lets to check the status of other Guild members if they are active or offline. Additionally, the leaderboard and ranking system of Guild Event also has been added to the latest version of the game.

Commencement of one-year anniversary of Anime Adventures also features an event of its own in which players can collect Anniversary Dragon Balls. After collecting all seven balls, Shenro will be enabled to make a wish. How to get Anniversary Dragon Balls? To get the anniversary dragon balls players have to complete a daily Anniversary Stage and they can also get those balls from Anniversary Capsules during the gameplay. Shift to the next section and read more details about it.

Besides Anniversary Dragon Balls, two Anniversary Bundles also have been released in the store’s Specials section, but it is only for a limited period. Point to be noted, the Anniversary Bundles can be bought only once. It offers trait reroll tokens, offer gems, and anniversary capsules at huge discounts. Anime Adventures’s new update also heralds a battle pass titled “Flower Hunt” which be earned by defeating the enemies in any mode. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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