CNN Anchor Christine Romans Leaving CNN After 24 Years For ‘New Chapter’

Christine Romans is leaving CNN. Yes, this news is completely true. Her fans are very shocked after listening to this news. Currently, her name is making rounds on the internet. Her name is trending online. Her fans are very sad right now and they are saying that she was one of the best hosts of CNN ever. But now people are very curious to know why she is leaving CNN. She was having a good journey on CNN, what happened now? She has worked at CNN for more than two decades. She is a renowned business journalist. Come with us and let us discover why she is leaving CNN.

Christine Romans Pregnant

CNN Anchor Christine Romans Leaving CNN

Christine Romans is the most trending person right now. She is a renowned business journalist. Mostly she is recognized for her hosting on CNN’s morning show which is “Early Start”, this show starts at 5:00 am and ends at 6:00 am. Now after two decades, Christine is leaving CNN. This is one of the biggest shocking news right now. And her fans are really sad. She announced her separation from CNN on 28th July 2023, Friday. This separation announcement has given a huge shock to her fans and the media industry. Scroll down to know more.

Is Christine Romans Pregnant

Now after Christine Romans has announced her separation from CNN, her fans are raising a lot of questions regarding this exit. People are asking why she has left CNN. Where is she going now? What she is going to do now? What are her future plans? According to the reports, Christine has left CNN after completing 24 years. She joined Cnn in 1999. She used to co-host this show with Ed Tobin. Now she is facing a lot of criticism. Some people are claiming that she has left this show because of facing discomfort in the show, she was really uncomfortable because of the direction of CNN, but nothing is confirmed yet because Christine has not given any statement yet.

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Christine Romans

This is one of the biggest mysteries that is why Christine Romans has made an exit from CNN. She has also not revealed her future plans. She has not discussed where is she going now. As we all know that the dynamic duo of Christine and co-host Ed Tobin was really amazing. They both were the perfect choice for the show Early Start. According to the source, she has an estimated net worth of $5 million. We wish her a good future now.

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