Fact check: Is Kelly Evans Pregnant? Children And Husband

Kelly Evans is an American journalist and serves as a co-anchor of the CNBC business news program “Power Lunch.” She has had a diverse career trajectory within the field of economics and journalism. From May 2012 to May 2013, Kelly Evans worked at the CNBC Europe offices in London, England. Subsequently, she shifted her base to the CNBC headquarters in New Jersey. Before joining CNBC, she worked as an economics correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. During her time there, she contributed to various columns and platforms, including “Heard on the Street,” “Ahead of the Tapes,” and the daily “News Hub” on WSJ.com. She was a frequent guest on television news programs prior to her tenure at CNBC. Rumors have circulated about Kelly Evans being pregnant again, particularly after the births of her four children. However, as of 2023, she is not pregnant. Despite widespread speculation, there is no credible evidence or official announcement to support these claims. Kelly Evans has not made any public statements or indications on platforms like Twitter or Instagram regarding expecting another child. Therefore, the notion of her being pregnant in 2023 appears to be a result of unfounded rumors and conjecture.

Kelly Evans

Is Kelly Evans Pregnant Again In 2023?

Kelly Evans’ alleged pregnancy has gained attention due to widespread speculation, although the exact origin of these beliefs remains unclear. Various news sources covering the topic and the subsequent speculation by the public may have contributed to this speculation. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these rumors; they are solely based on hearsay and conjecture. If Kelly were indeed pregnant, it is likely that she would have made an official announcement. Kelly Evans appears to maintain a highly private lifestyle and is infrequently active on social media, making it challenging to gather accurate information about her.

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Kelly Evans

Both Kelly Evans and her husband seem to value their privacy, particularly when it comes to their children. Little information is available about their four kids. Their first child, Paul, was born a year after their wedding in 2018, while their second child, Greg, arrived in 2019. The youngest, a daughter named Annie, is only a year old. As a result, their children have relatively close age gaps. Kelly and her husband initially met when he worked as a sports and business reporter for CNBC. The details of their dating and love story remain undisclosed. Kelly’s husband, Eric, made a career move by establishing a freelance insurance agency in collaboration with her father. This decision was likely influenced by their shared expertise in the same field. This venture has contributed to a strong family bond between Eric and Kelly’s families. In summary, while rumors of Kelly Evans’ pregnancy have circulated, there is no substantial evidence to support these claims. Kelly and her husband prioritize their privacy, especially concerning their children, and maintain a relatively low public profile.

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