Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Underground: How to Go Underground in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Recently, the Tears of the Kingdom’s underground region vastly overshadows the Sky Islands. The Depths is the biggest addition to Zelda in regard to the tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule. Read the article further and follow us around for all the insights. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduced us to a huge new incarnation of Hyrule, which unified all of the regions and landmarks we’ve come to know in the Zelda series, and tasked players with traversing it via any means necessary. Climbing rain-slick cliffs and navigating around tough monsters was a key part of the game- something that Tears of the Kingdom mostly does away with. You can’t traverse the same Hyrule in the same way twice, right? With vehicles you can build thanks to Zonai Devices, Tears of the Kingdom changes how you travel – including letting you drop down onto a mountain from a Sky Islands or ascending up from below. But that doesn’t mean Tears of the Kingdom forgets what made Breath of the Wild so good – and it replicates that with The Depths.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Underground

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Underground

PKB News had you searching for paths to move forward across hostile terrain, and that’s what the Depths provides. The world of Hyrule has literally doubled in size thanks to a subterranean layer that stretches the full length and breadth of the land above. Those holes that spill gloom into the world of Hyrule are dotted around the landscape so you can enter the Depths from multiple points, and there are several chambers within the Depths – you can’t access them all from a single entrance. The Depths is dark, meaning that throwing Brightbloom Seeds for visibility is a borderline necessity, and the only way you to brighten things up is by seeking Lightroots, which brighten up your surroundings, and act as fast travel points.

But gloom isn’t just a vibe – it’s a malevolent force. Get afflicted by gloom, and you won’t just lose health – your Heart Containers will be sealed off until you either return to the surface or a Lightroom. This means traversing the Depths with only a few hearts available is a big mistake – but it also contains some of the best rewards and secrets Link can find along his journey. If you want to reap those rewards, you’ll need to risk it all.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Underground

The Depths ends up being the biggest single addition in Tears of the Kingdom, vastly overshadowing the Sky Islands that have featured so heavily in marketing. Make no mistake, you can be traversing the sky and exploring various islands for hours on end if you choose to, but hours in the Depths will hardly touch the sides of what there is to find. Tears of the Kingdom has pulled the wool over our eyes with the Sky Island-themed marketing, as the Depths are a far larger chunk of the game – both in terms of size and importance. If you, like me, were initially worried that traipsing around the same Hyrule would not feel as revelatory a second time around, put those worries aside.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Underground

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