IESF Asia Qualifier MLBB, schedule, format, results, where to watch

The winner of the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB will represent the region in the forthcoming World Esports Championship.  Ahead of the World Escorts Championship, fans have been left in a frenzy to know the schedule, format, results, and where to watch the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s world championship is reported to take place in Romania. Therefore, the winner of the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB will travel to Romania to represent the region. In this column, we have shared all the imperative details associated with the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB and World Esports Championship. You should read this column till the end to be informed of everything that you need to know. Drag down the page and learn more details.

Iesf Asia Qualifier MLBB

IESF Asia Qualifier MLBB

The upcoming World Esports Championship is all set to happen in Romania next month. It will take place in August when a total of eight teams from all around Asia will compete for five places. The SIBOL squad of the Philippines, consist AP Bren’s MPL PH roster will participate. The team to watch out for is the squad from Cambodia consisting of MPL KH champions BURN x Flash. In addition, the qualified will be played in between the newcomers including Nepal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia to make get a slot on the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB and make their mark on the MLBB scene. Scroll down the screen dn read more details.

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Iesf Asia Qualifier MLBB

The 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB is the official tournament that gives the five Asian teams who will take part in the prestigious 15th IESF WEC which will be played in Iasi, Romania. The qualified is a four-day game and it is scheduled to take place at Riyadh Boulevard located in Saudi Arabia. What is the prize money for the winner of the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB? Reportedly, the winner of the qualifier will get USD 12,500 prize money. Scroll down the screen.


July 12 (Wednesday)

Upper bracket semifinals

Mongolia5 p.m. GMT+8Kazakhstan
Philippines7:20 p.m. GMT+8Cambodia

Lower bracket semifinal

TBD9:45 p.m. GMT+8TBD

July 13 (Thursday)

Upper bracket final

TBD4 p.m. GMT+8TBD

Lower bracket final

TBD6:20 p.m. GMT+8TBD

Grand final

TBD7:20 p.m. GMT+8TBD

The qualifier tournament is being played between eight teams divided into two groups, A and B. Cambodia, United Aram Emirates, Mongolia, and Nepal are teams of Group A. Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Bangladesh are teams of Group B. The tournament is being played in a single round-robin format in the best of 3 matches. The top two teams from each group will be through to the playoffs while the third team of the group will enter the last chance stage. The 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB will be played from July 10 to July 13.

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