Zelda Shrine A Fixed Device: How to complete Mayachin Shrine

Here’s how you can complete Mayachin Shrine in one of the most games, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Read the article further and follow us around to know more. The shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom present some varied challenges that the game has to offer. Some of them test your combat skills, some of them require that you make videos, and some of them simply test your dexterity. And then you come to shrines like Mayachin Shrine, which feel more like mini-games than actual challenges. The one has you trying to knock a ball at a target using some Zonai Stakes and some handy poles, and it can be a tricky one. With our help, though, you’ll be hitting home runs in no time.

Zelda Shrine A Fixed Device

Zelda Shrine A Fixed Device

The moment when you walk into this shrine, you’ll first come to a large gap. In the center, there will be a rotating device with a platform attached – use this to hop over to the other side. Here is where you’ll face the real puzzle of the shrine. The goal of this shrine is to knock one of the oncoming balls into the large target that appears when you stand on the nearby button. To do this, you’ll need to create a bat in the device on the ground ahead of you. One solution to this puzzle is to create a bat by first placing the Stake into the rotating device’s side and then attaching two poles, attached end-to-end onto the Stake. Now, when you strike the switch on the raised platform to activate the rotating device, it will swing the ‘bat’.

By using this bat, time your switch hit so that you hit the ball as it’s rolling towards you. It may take a few attempts to get the timing right, but you should be able to hit it with enough force to smack the target. Hitting the target on the left will unlock the exit. To reveal the target on the right, you’ll need to first remove the dangling metal plate. To do this, take a different Stake from the one you used to construct the bat and place it on the roof of the floating platform where the panel is dangling. Then, use Ultrahand to raise it up and attach it to the Stake, keeping it out of the way.

Zelda Shrine A Fixed Device

Once you have revealed the second target, you can use the rotating device bat again. Swap the side that the bat is on and you’ll able to strike the rolling ball toward the other target simply. This will reveal a chest that contains an Energizing Elixir. With that, the shrine is complete.

Zelda Shrine A Fixed Device

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