Who is Maya Schuhknecht? MSU shooting survivor wins Miss Michigan title

In recent news, it was revealed that Maya Schuhknecht was crowned Miss Michigan 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about her and the event. You are required to read the complete article and follow us around for more insights. Without, any further ado, let’s dig deep into the news. On June 17, 2023, Saturday, Maya Schuhknecht was crowned Miss Michigan 2023 at the Frauenthal Theatre in downtown Muskegon, competing and beating 23 other contestants at the week-long pageant. The 22-year-old hailing from Buchanan was already the reigning Miss Spirit of the State before she earned the recent accolade. Schuhknecht expressed her gratitude following her winning moment. She explained that she loved Michigan state so much and called it ‘home’ and further expressed gratitude to represent herself this year. Knowingly, a passionate art student, Miss Michigan 2023 recently graduated with a degree in graphic design from Michigan State University.

Miss Michigan 2023 Winner Maya Schuhknecht

Who is Maya Schuhknecht?

Miss Michigan 2023 is now eligible and now she can compete for the 2023 Miss America Scholarship Pageant. Maya Schuhknecht wore an emerald green evening gown when she was crowned, the sash, and the Miss Michigan 2023 title. She also received 10,000 US dollars worth of scholarships. However, one of the biggest rewards of the win was getting an opportunity to compete in the upcoming 2023 Miss America Scholarships pageant. In fact, Maya said that she was already excited to be in the running for Miss America.

Miss Michigan 2023 Winner Maya Schuhknecht

Interestingly, this was Schuknecht’s second time competing in the Miss Michigan pageant. The previous year, as part of the contest, she speed-painted a portrait of Michael Jackson live, the video of which later became viral on Tiktok and earned more than 3 million views. Similarly, this year, she impressed the judge’s panel during the talent round when she speed-painted the portrait of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, upside down, only within 90 seconds. Her passion for art goes beyond herself, as she plans to share her ‘love of the arts’ with everyone, using her social impact initiative.

Miss Michigan 2023 Winner Maya Schuhknecht

Maya Schuhknecht attended Buchanan High School and she aims to use her degree in fine arts and graphic design to become an art director and work for the sports industry, where she hopes to empower women to join the field. Maya’s personal life has been laced with tragedy. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back, and she suddenly lost her father two months ago. Unfortunately, she was present during the mass shooting incident.

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