Who Is Yexel Sebastian Wife: Meet Mikee Agustin Age, Height And Profession

To discover more about Yexel Sebastian Scam’s cashless plan, we are bringing you in-depth information about him, his wife Mikee Agustin, and Brother Jam Sebastian. Did you know that Yexel, a well-known YouTuber all over the world, offered the X-Deal a few years ago? How did the X-Deal work? Why did X-Deal draw flak? What transpired in Yexel’s private life during the difficult X-Deal criticism period? A well-known YouTuber from Las Pinas is named Yexel Fernando Sebastian. He also boasts that it is Asia’s largest Optimus Prime bust.

Yexel Sebastian

Who Is Yexel Sebastian’s Wife

Yexel boasts a collection of 900 life-size statues and 50,000 toys. Yexel invested 8 million pesos in his toy museum in Alabang. Yexel was conceived on March 12, 1982. Aged 41 years, six months, and twenty-five days. The offer that he shared on his Facebook page is known as the “Yexel Scam.” The deal was known as X-Deal or EX-Deal. In a Facebook post, Yexel said he was interested in signing a deal with a company that would trade building services for Yexel’s advertising services. What options Yexel has for the service providers in the construction industry are not known.

Yexel Sebastian

Agustin and their child could be seen peering out of the window of the unfinished single-story house that Yexel was standing in front of in a video. It is therefore assumed that he was referring to finishing the work without exchanging money. However, Yexel’s girlfriend, Mikee Agustin, announced on social media that the couple had broken up on February 21st, 2019. A child was born to Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin. His X-Deal quickly drew criticism in 2019. People began to leave comments on his post, complaining that he has the cash to buy toys but doesn’t contribute any money to pay the construction workers. The fact that accepting the arrangement required paying for equipment, labor costs, transportation, etc. infuriated the construction workers.

The construction company must pay for materials, machinery, equipment, labor costs, transportation, etc. even if they profit from Yexel’s X-Deal campaign. As a result, Yexel’s strategy was accused of being a scam. Agustin apologized for any trouble she may have created as Yexel Sebastian’s wife, but she claimed that god may have other plans for them in a social media post following their breakup. Iwa Moto, Yexel’s ex-girlfriend, acknowledged that Yexel had asked her to invest in FrancSwiss in the midst of the controversy. She claimed that Yexel immediately acknowledged that investment frauds are well known, yet you can make quick money. She claimed that Yexel had fallen prey to similar networking frauds.

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