Who Is P Veeramuthuvel: Age, Full Name,Biography, Wikipedia And Chandrayaan Project Director Photos

P Veeramuthuvel is one of the most searched people on the browser. His name has been circulating on the world wide web since the successful landing of the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. He was the project director of the Chandrayaan 3  mission. He is one of the proudest people in the whole of India right now—many many congratulations to him for the success of the Chandrayaan 3 mission. Since yesterday many people have been searching P Veeramuthuvel Wikipedia and some people are searching for P Veeramuthuvel biography. This is one of the most searched topics on the browser at this time. Come let us discuss everything about him in this article.

P Veeramuthuvel

Who Is P Veeramuthuvel

P Veeramuthuvel was born in Viluppuram district, Tamil Nadu. He is an Indian space scientist who works for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He was the project director of the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. He is active since 2014. If we take a look at his education. He completed his schooling at the school which is located in Villupuram district and then he completed his diploma in mechanical engineering from a private polytechnic college. After that, he went to Chennai for further studies. He did his Bachelor of Engineering studies in Chennai. Then he went to NIT Trichy for his Master of Engineering education. Continue reading this article till the end.

P Veeramuthuvel

P Veeramuthuvel was replaced in the place of M Vanitha, She was an outstanding scientist and she was the project director of the Chandrayaan 2 mission but sadly that mission failed to land on the moon because ISRO appointed P Veeramuthuvel as the project director for Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission and thankfully it has landed softly and safely on the Moon. Now just him M Vanitha also made a great contribution to the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. Many many congratulations to both of them. Now continue reading this article.

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P Veeramuthuvel

The details of P Veeramuthuvel’s parents are not available anywhere. He never shared any details about his parents in his interview. Still, he had the blessing of his parents that’s why he is very successful today. As we all know this is the most proud moment for the whole of India as Chandrayaan 3 has successfully landed on the moon. So many many congratulations to the whole team of ISRO from the team of PKB news. The whole of India is totally proud of ISRO and P Veeramuthuvel as they have made India proud. Stay tuned to PKB news.

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