Who Is M Sankaran: Wikipedia, Education, Age, Salary, Photos And Family Members

M. Sankaran’s biography is one of the most searched topics on the internet right now. This name is currently circulating on the whole internet. He is one of the well-known ISRO scientists who has made his country proud many times. Since yesterday, people have been searching a lot about him. Because yesterday, it was the biggest day for the whole of India. As the Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the moon. Our India is the first country in the whole world who have landed on the lunar south pole of the moon. M Sankaran made a great contribution to the success of the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. A big congratulations to him from the whole team of PKB News. Now the whole of India is thanking and praising him for his great contribution in making India proud.

M Sankaran

Who Is M Sankaran

M Sankaran is one of those people who made a great contribution to the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has a lot of talented scientists and M. Sankaran is one of them. Because of his contribution the mission Chandrayaan 3 is successful today. It is successful because of the contribution of each and every scientist. Continue reading this article in the next stanza of this article.

M Sankaran

M Sankaran has given his best performance while working at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Currently, he is the Director at U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC). URSC is the lead center in the country for the design, realization, and development of all the satellites of ISRO. He was appointed for this particular role in the year 2021. M Sankaran worked in various sectors in the Chandrayaan 3 mission. He worked in navigation, remote sensing, communication, and meteorology, and he also worked in interplanetary exploration. He deserves all the praise for his incredible hard work. keep reading his article till the end.

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M Sankaran

M Sankaran joined ISRO on 1st June 2021 for the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. Currently, he is 52 years old as of 2023. He was born in the year 1971. It is not known where he was born. He worked in various industries such as Battery systems and testing of solar panels. He has received many awards in his life which include ISRO’s performance excellence award, peer-reviewed journals, and international conferences (50 publications). The name of M Sankaran’s parents is not available anywhere. He has an experience of a total of 35 years now. So according to his experience, his current salary is approx 15 lakh.

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