Who Is Melissa Highsmith? and Kidnapped In Fort Worth, Where Was She Found? Story Explained

Recently the kidnapping case of Melissa Highsmith seems to be in the limelight again but this time with happy ends for everyone. The public like to know more about this case as it’s been fifty years since this happen. The news about her case-solving seems to get the attention of the public as now everyone is going over the internet to know more about it. Here we have brought the all information for our readers regarding the case of Melissa Highsmith’s kidnapping. To know everything about this case keep scrolling through the article to know more.

Who Is Melissa Highsmith


Who Is Melissa Highsmith?

Since she was reunited with her birth family more than 50 years ago, Melissa Highsmith has made headlines. She was abducted by a lady posing as a nanny. When she was abducted from her Fort Worth, Texas, home in August 1971, she was just 22 months old. Ruth Johnson, the woman who kidnapped her, agreed to watch Melissa for the day but never handed her over to her parents. Melissa didn’t know who she really was or what happened to her after her abduction for more than 50 years as she resided in Fort Worth. The emotional meeting, which put an end to a decades-long search for answers, was something that everyone had been looking forward to for a long time.

Melissa was only 22 months old when she was allegedly kidnapped from her Fort Worth, Texas home in August 1971. Her mother, who was now a single mother after divorcing her spouse, relocated to Fort Worth. She had started working as a waitress and had put an ad in the local paper seeking a babysitter to assist look after her little daughter. Ruth Johnson responded to the ad and offered her services as a babysitter. Ruth Johnson picked up the 21-month-old child from the care of her mother’s flatmate on the day Melissa vanished while Melissa’s mother was at work.

NCMEC (National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children) reported that the woman who came to retrieve the youngster appeared “nice” and “dressed to impress.” She had a bonnet on her head, white gloves, and sunglasses. Melissa, however, was never seen by Johnson again, and her phone number was unreachable. When Melissa’s mother was not contacted, she promptly alerted the police. But after thorough searches and investigations, the case only produced a little amount of leads or evidence. Since then, she has been looking for her daughter in the hopes that one day she will be located. The alleged kidnapping of Highsmith illustrates how risky it may be to leave children with strangers, even if they appear to be dependable.

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