Who Is Dinesh Gope? NIA Arrested Jharkhand’s Most Wanted Naxalite PLFI Supremo

Recently, Dinesh Gope had become synonymous with terror in Jharkhand. Dinesh Gopal, infamous as the leader of the People’s Liberation Front of India, has about 150 cases registered against him. Reportedly, it has plagued for two decades. You are required to read the article and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights.

Who Is Dinesh Gope

NIA Arrested Jharkhand’s Most Wanted Naxalite PLFI Supremo

One of the Jharkhand dreaded Naxalites has been arrested from the neighboring country, Nepal. It had plagued the police for two decades. He used to carry out criminal and Naxalite activities in different districts of the state. It took years for the police and the National Investigation Agency to arrest him. Finally, caught in Nepal with the joint efforts of the Police and NIA, Knowingly, his name is Dinesh Gope. However, Dinesh’s Gope arrest has brought a sigh of relief to the police officials. Continue reading for more details.

Jharkhand's Most Wanted Naxalite PLFI Supremo

Around, approx 150 cases are registered against Dinesh Gope. Dineh Gope was a known terror in Jharkhand city, In the People’s Liberation Front of India, about 150 cases are registered against the infamous Dinesh Gope as the mastermind of PLFI. Apart from levy recovery, he is also accused of terror funding, He has two wives, who were arrested by the police about two and a half years ago in the year 2020 and sent to jail. Along with helping Dinesh Gope with terror funding, the charges of levy recovery have been proved on both of them.

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Dinesh Gope

Who Is Dinesh Gope?

Reportedly, Dinesh Gope is a resident of Lapa Morhatoli of Khunti. Lapa Morhatoli is a village located in the Jariagarh police station area of Karra block of Khunti district adjacent to Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi. Dinesh Gope is basically a resident of the village. His squad members used to attack construction sites to terrorize the contractors and extort money from them. Used to blow JCB and other machines involved in construction work. They also used to fight with the scribe and employees working at the site. They used to threaten to face the consequences for not giving the levy by leaving the form.

Since Dinesh was also accused of terror funding, the NIA was also looking for him. Eventually, the special team of NIA arrested him from Nepal. He will be brought from Nepal to the capital Delhi. Jharkhand police are currently taking a sigh of relief with the arrest of Dinesh. Recently, a person named, Sukhram Gudiya, close to Dinesh Gope was arrested by the Jharkhand police.

On November 10, 2016, 25.38 lakh rupees of PLFI supremo Dinesh Gop were seized in Bedo block adjacent to the capital Ranchi. NIA seized Rs 42.79 lakh in cash and movable and immovable property worth Rs 70 lakh from Dinesh Gope’s associates. The NIA investigation revealed that Dinesh Gope had deposited Rs 2.5 crore in more than two dozen banks through his wives and other family members.

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Let us tell you that just after demonetization, on November 10, 2016, the Ranchi police arrested 4 people including a petrol pump operator. NIA took over the case on January 19, 2018. When the NIA raided the premises of Dinesh Gope’s associate Sumant Kumar and others, it found Rs 90 lakh in cash and several investment-related documents. A businessman from Gujarat who invested PLFI money in companies was also arrested in this case.

PLFI supremo and Jharkhand Police’s most wanted Naxalite Dinesh Gop has a long criminal history. He is accused of dozens of murders. It is said that the police and security forces surrounded this dreaded Naxalite more than half a dozen times. Whenever security forces had an encounter with Dinesh Gope’s squad, the PLFI supremo escaped by dodging the jawans. Apart from Jharkhand Police, Bihar Police were also looking for him. Jharkhand Police counts achievement, DGP Neeraj Sinha said that 51 Naxalites were killed in the last 3 years and more than 1500 were arrested. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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