Who Is Cyan Boujee, Abusive Boyfriend: Who Is Bamzy Riches?

We all know about the recent controversy of Cyan Boujee. But do you know who is her boyfriend? No, right? This question has been asked by many till now. The controversy over Vyan has grabbed everyone’s attention toward her. Currently, her name is in the mouth of many people this time. She is in the gossip of Netiznes. netizens are very interested to know about her. We are going to know everything about her and her boyfriend in this article. So Cyan is mostly known as the Honour Zuma Zacn. She is a prominent figure in South Africa. Read this article till the end to know everything.

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Who Is Cyan Boujee, Abusive Boyfriend

Cyan Boujee is a disc jockey, model, brand ambassador, content creator, Instagram sensation, Youtuber, Makeup artist, Social Media influencer, and Philanthropist. She is a resident of South Africa. She is famous for her content. She started her career as a makeup artist. She started posting tutorials and brand content which gave her fame and recognization. She increased her presence on numerous platforms as her fan base developed, providing eye-catching images and entertaining lifestyle films that highlighted her modeling endeavors and joie de vivre.

Cyan Boujee

She established the “Reaching Out Foundation,” a worthy project aimed at helping the less disadvantaged, in addition to her dazzling demeanor. Boujee’s story is evidence of the complicated nature of fame, wherein individual struggles and victories are intertwined. Even in the face of hardship, her dedication to philanthropy and pursuit of her hobbies continue to inspire people. She is also very famous on Youtube. In August 2023, she gained more than 84,000 subscribers on her channel and a view count of 3,731,793.

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cyan boujee

Currently, she is one of the most trending people on the web. She is viral right now because of her controversies. This controversy has gained the attention of the audience. An upsetting situation occurred when an obscene sex tape featuring Boujee was posted online. Unauthorized sharing of the intimate moment on social media and more public scrutiny ensued. Boujee kept silent, refusing to discuss the issue in public despite the intrusion into her private life. Scroll down to know about her relationship.

Cyan Boujee is hardly open about her relationship but, as per the source, She had a love connection with Bamzy Riches, which gained attention in May 2022 after a reported confrontation between the two. Riches was detained as a result of the event, and repairs were then performed to make things right. The pair haven’t made any public appearances together since so it’s unclear how their relationship is doing now.


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