Why was Roberta Williams Arrested? Charges explained

Roberta Williams spared prison after encouraging assault on TV producer Mob Wives. It was a proposed reality television show with a twist: the star was charged after orchestrating the assault on the show’s producer. Although the show was never shown, the production continued for three years until Friday, when criminal Roberta Williams and two of her thugs left court. Williams, the former spouse of gangland killer Carl Williams, was found guilty on Friday and sentenced to a community correction order (CCO) for extorting and intimidating television producer Ryan Naumenko. Additionally, two of the three attackers left the County Court with reprimands in hand. Additionally, two of the three attackers left the County Court with reprimands in hand. In the days following Naumenko’s attack and threat, Williams, 53, and five other men were detained and prosecuted. Later, one of the gang got his charges dropped.

Roberta Williams Arrested

Why was Roberta Williams Arrested?

According to County Court Judge Fiona Todd, the abuse began two months after Naumenko approached Williams through Instagram with a proposal that he had experience in the Australian television industry and wanted to create a reality series about “mob wives” that centered on her. Williams decided to participate, and Naumenko informed her that the idea had received $50,000 via crowdfunding and that Netflix was rumored to be interested. After Williams and buddy Daniel De Silva, whose production business, Cloakroom Media, collaborated on the project, shot sequences in a Hampton rental property, Todd claimed they became suspicious that Naumenko was “scamming” them. De Silva also owing money to Naumenko.

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Roberta Williams Arrested

Williams and De Silva planned to see Naumenko at Cloakroom Media’s Collingwood studio on July 9, 2019. Williams had already WhatsApped De Silva to say that it wouldn’t be a huge issue if one of the lads gave Naumenko an “open-hand slap and push” to motivate him to pay Williams back. Hassam Al Zwainy, Jake Sexton, and James Harrison were referred to as “the boys” in court. Williams invited his friends and Harrison to the event. When everyone arrived at the studio at about 8.30 p.m., De Silva made a toast to the project but informed Naumenko, Everything is now over. he said that Williams and he both wanted compensation. Sexton and Harrison frequently kicked and punched Naumenko throughout the course of the next three hours, the judge claimed, and at one time he was threatened with a pistol. The judge also claimed that Naumenko was chained to a chair. Despite not physically attacking the producer, Al Zwainy advised him not to call the police.

Roberta Williams Arrested

Williams once exclaimed to her companions, he has no money.” Naumenko coordinated the transfer of his mother’s automobile as well as $1000 apiece from his father and sister to the studio’s bank account. De Silva drove Naumenko home at about 11.30 p.m. The producer called the police two days after his mother took pictures of the cuts and bruises on his face. Williams pled guilty to extortion and willfully caused damage for her cooperation in the attack, even though she did not participate, following months of discussions between prosecutors and defense attorneys. Other accusations she had previously faced were dismissed. More information about this case will be disclosed soon till then stay tuned to PKB news.

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