Who Is Bittu Bajrangi: How Bittu Bajrangi Became A Cow Vigilante?

As reported, there are different details about Bittu Bajrangi’s Biography, real name, cast, viral video, family, and much more that have been surfacing significantly. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the valuable insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Bittu Bajrangi

Who Is Bittu Bajrangi

You must check the details about Bittu Bajrangi’s biography, real name, cast, viral video, family, and news from the below-mentioned article. You might gather some important events as well, so you should miss the same. Continue reading till the end. According to our relevant sources, Bittu Bajrangi is a Bajrang dal activist and cow vigilante from Faridabad.

Bittu Bajrangi

How Bittu Bajrangi Became A Cow Vigilante

Moreover, he is also the chief of the Gau Raksha Bajrang Force in Faridabad. Reportedly, Bittu is hailing from Haryana’s Faridabad and has garnered quite a lot of fame after becoming a cow vigilante. Prior to becoming a cow vigilante, Bittu Bajrangi worked as a fruit and vegetable trader at the local markets in Faridabad. Later, Bittu decided to join Bajrang Dal and became its member. Moreover, he began to participate in rallies and campaigns related to cow protection and festivals.

Do you know? The real name of this notable public figure is Raj Kumar. However, most of the people and his associates know him as Bittu Bajrangi and he was part of the rallies which were organized by Vishva Hindu Parishad during the latest mishappening in the form of communal violence in Nuh. Shortly after, the incident occurred, the officials captured him, but he was given bail on the same day. Reportedly, on Tuesday, Bittu was apprehended by the police. Besides that, the police have arrested 242 suspects in the Nuh violence case and filed over 60 FIRs. In the rally, it was revealed that Bittu and his 20 associates participated and they carried weapons such as swords at the rally. It seems as though they were expecting the outbreak of violence. In addition, Bittu and his accomplices snatched the weapons from the police during the violence.

It was confirmed that a video posted by Bittu Bajrangi a day before the rally was a major result of the violent outbreak in Nuh. However, Bittu was not arrested for posting this video, but for carrying weapons to a religious part. However, Bittu and his people snatched the weapons back from the police during the outbreak. Thank you for being a patient reader.


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