UAE: Abu Dhabi Minimum Speed Limit: Dh400 fine announced

Abu Dhabi traffic law enforcement department announced new speed limit rules. Amid the new speed limit rules being implemented in the country and new fines rules are coming into effect, people have been curious to know what is the new speed limit on the roads of Abu Dhabi. However, everybody should be aware of this new traffic rule which has been brought into effect by the traffic law enforcement authority. What are the new speed limits on the roads of Abu Dhabi? This question is prevailing among people across the country. However, we have mentioned and discussed all the imperative development made by Abu Dhabi authorities. So be sticky with this page and read more details. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Abu Dhabi Minimum Speed Limit

Abu Dhabi Minimum Speed Limit

Driving speeds on two lanes of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road have a new minimum speed limit of 120 kmph while the maximum speed limit of 140 kmph on the two outermost lanes of the highway. Abu Dhabi Police announced the new speed limits that the new limit rule will come into effect from the 1st of April and the drivers caught slowing below the new prescribed speed will be warned throughout the month. That means, the drivers will not be subject to pay fines in the month of April but from May the fines will be applicable to the drivers caught dropping below the aforementioned minimum speed limit on the outside lanes. Scroll down the page and read what are the fines.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, drivers who will be caught dropping speed below 120 kmph on the outside lanes of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road will be issued with a fine of Dhs400. But as mentioned, in the month of April, the drivers will be issued only with caution as people will take time to adapt to this new speed limit rule. Scroll down the page and read more details.

This new rule came to change tailgating which is a justification of the perpetrators usually the perception of the vehicle in front driving too slowly. The outermost lane on the left of the highways is reserved for overtaking. If the driver is in that lane, and there is a safe space to move into to the driver’s right and the driver doesn’t move, he could be slapped with a fine of Dhs400, regardless of the speed you are travelling. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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