Where Is Jesse Beyer Going After Leaving Global Weather? Salary for New Job

Jesse Beyer, a familiar face in the world of meteorology, has been the chief meteorologist for Global News in Edmonton, Alberta, for the past eight years. His dedication to delivering accurate and timely weather forecasts has earned him a loyal following of viewers throughout the province. However, recently, Beyer announced that he will be bidding farewell to Global News and embarking on a new professional venture within Corus Entertainment, the parent company of Global News.

Jesse Beyer

Where Is Jesse Beyer Going After Leaving Global Weather?

While many viewers may be taken aback by Beyer’s decision to leave Global News, he reassured them that he is not leaving the broadcasting industry entirely. Instead, he will be pursuing a new role within Corus Entertainment, though the specific details of this new position have yet to be revealed. This move highlights Beyer’s desire to explore different aspects of the industry and expand his skill set beyond meteorology. It also demonstrates the trust and confidence Corus Entertainment has in its abilities.

Throughout his tenure with Global News, Beyer has become a staple in the daily lives of countless individuals. His weather forecasts during Global News at Noon, Global News at 5, and Global News Hour at 6 have been a trusted source of information for viewers looking to plan their day. Additionally, Beyer has extended his reach to radio, delivering forecasts daily on 630CHED and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton. His dedication to providing accurate and localized weather information has garnered him a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable meteorologist.

Beyer’s departure from Global News is undoubtedly a loss for the network and its viewers. His expertise and charismatic on-air presence have undoubtedly contributed to the success of Global News’ weather segment. However, this transition presents an exciting opportunity for Beyer to explore new avenues within Corus Entertainment. By leveraging his experience and expertise, he has the potential to make a significant impact in his new role.

Jesse Beyer’s departure from Global News may come as a surprise to his viewers, but it is not the end of his career in the broadcasting industry. With a new professional venture within Corus Entertainment on the horizon, Beyer is eager to continue making a difference in the field. As he prepares to embark on this new chapter, he expressed his gratitude to the viewers who have welcomed him into their homes over the years, and he earned around $200,00. The future holds great promise for this talented meteorologist as he takes on new challenges and explores new opportunities within the industry.

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