WATCH: Belarusian Helicopters Poland Video Surfaced On Social Media

On Tuesday morning, August 1, 2023, two Belarusian helicopters allegedly crossed the border and entered into Poland. The Polish government claimed that two Belarusian helicopters violated Polish air space by unlawfully crossing the border. In addition, some local people also admitted to seeing aircraft in their area. Nevertheless, an unnamed eyewitness has come to the fore to confirm that the two Belarusian helicopters crossed the border. Meanwhile, Warsaw is condemning the act of Belarusian aircraft and referring it to as a dangerous incident. Additionally, Warsaw also summoned the charge affairs of Belarusia to explain the incident. In the following sections of this article, we have mentioned some important statements and information given by the officials about crossing the border and violating Polish air space. Swipe down the page and get more details.

Belarusian Helicopters Poland

Belarusian Helicopters Poland Video

Reportedly, a person in Bialowiezam, northeast Poland clicked the photos of two Belarusian helicopters and posted them on social media. The photos clearly show the military aircraft of the Belarusian army. As mentioned, local people also admitted to seeing the helicopters in the area. This incident reportedly happened on Tuesday morning at around 9 am. Later the operational command of Poland’s armed forces issued a statement. Swipe down the page and read what Poland’s armed forces stated.

The operational command of the armed forces of Poland stated that “Polish airspace had not been violated”. It further claimed that the helicopters were patrolling on the Belarusian side of the border. Later in the evening, a statement from the defense ministry also came out. It revealed that the Belarusian helicopters had crossed the border into Poland. The Polish defense minister stated, “After analysis…it was established that today, 1 August 2023, two Belarusian helicopters, which were training near the border, violated Polish airspace,” But why the operational command of armed forces of Poland said the Belarusian helicopters did not violate the Polish air space? Ponder this question by reading the next section. Scroll down.

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Later it was also stated that the Belarusian helicopters crossed the borders at a very low altitude therefore the radar systems could not detect them which led the operational command to claim that no violation of airspace was recorded. The Gazeta Wyborcza stated that the crossing of the border took place near the village of Grudki before 8 am on Tuesday morning. The helicopters reportedly flew at a low altitude around 3 km into Poland before retreating. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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