Is Sen Sick In Jail? Arrested For Criminal Trespassing

The name of Sen Sick came into the news after he is detained for criminal trespassing. He is a famous VALORANT player and due to that, this is making a lot of headlines in the news. This controversy turned to the next level after an admirer hearsay about his detain news on social media handles. His fans are quite shocked after hearing this news and they couldn’t able to believe it. They want to know the reality of this news and are keen to know more about it. Sen sick is a Volarant who participates in the esports group Sentinels.

Sen Sick

Sen Sick Arrested For Criminal Trespassing

Apart from it, he is famously famous for his aggressive playing style, and admirers appreciate and love him for his brilliant playing skills and abilities. Before this arrest, news, Sen Sick is in the news because of a game he played on 5th December 2022 against Team Subroza and he was in team Rossy. The VOLARANT is also regarded as one of the most professional and competent players in the VALORANT. He is considered the best player and so far in his playing career, he has to direct his team in order to triumph several winning in tournaments.


The reports further state that he is ready to participate in the VCT 2023, so his admirers are excited to watch his link in the gaming event, as since last May, he has not played any event professionally. But now this time, he is in the news because of his detain rumors. His fans are quite shocked after learning this arrest news. He has been constantly remaining in the news because of his arrest rumors and his fans want to know the reason for these rumors. Unfortunately, the reports are stating this news to be true and he is actually in the county jail and has yet to get bail.

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Sen Sick

After watching a lot of chaos, he address this controversy and drama through his Youtube channel where he looked emotional. Many of his fans watched him being mentally unbalanced and felt sad for him. A photo that is getting viral on social media shows the date of his arrest. The reports state that he got detained on a Class B offense close to a Ferrari Dealership. His admirers are keen to look him back and know about the current situation that is surely tough for Sen to go through. Likewise, the gaming player is reported to go through “Training” after he got bail and at this moment, we are not aware when and on what condition he will get the bail. He is presently under police custody and got detained on Saturday, 4th March 2023 in Texas for criminal trespassing.

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