What Is Kim Jong Un Daughter Name? Age, Photo, Height and Instagram

Kim Jong Un is the leader of North Korea. He has a daughter, Kim Ju-Ae. She is 9 years old. News is spreading about her name. He will ban the name of her daughter. 

People want to know more about it. What does he mean by banning a name? You will get complete details about it in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Kim Jong Un Daughter

Kim Jong Un’s Daughter’s Name Ban In North Korea: 

Kim Ju-Ae is the daughter of Kim Jong Un. She is nine years old. He has banned the name of her daughter. This means that no girl can keep the same name as her daughter.  

Ri Sol Ju is the mother of Kim Ju-Ae. Kim Ju will be the only girl in North Korea with this name. People from different countries are searching for her name after the ban. 

No citizen of North Korea is allowed to use the name Ju-Ae. As we all know that North Korea is a very secretive country. We don’t have much information about his daughter. 

She is the first child of Kim Jong and Ri Sol Ju. Let us try to understand the complete scenario behind the ban on the Ju-Ae name in North Korea.  

Why Kim Ju Ae Name Is Banned in North Korea? 

We don’t have a confirmed reason behind the ban. It might be the reason that he wants to gain more control over the citizens. He might want to make her daughter special in the country. 

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The North Korean government did a similar thing a few years back. They made certain names mandatory to be a part of the child’s full name. 

Now, it has banned the Ju-Ae. This shows how much control the government is trying to build over people. It takes the freedom of North Korean citizens.  

Many international parties are against it. It is being taken as a violation of human rights by other communities outside North Korea.  

Why Kim Ju-Ae Name Is Unique? 

Kim Ju-Ae was born in 2013. She is just nine years old. She is studying in the best school in North Korea. The name is considered unique by the family. It means Bright or shining.  

The name was first known in November 2022. Any newborn cannot be named as Ju-Ae according to the leader of North Korea, Kim Ju Un. 

This was all about the name ban in North Korea. We keep bringing such updates for you. Stay tuned for more such updates. 

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