This Morning: Who Is Josie Gibson? Weight Loss, Partner, Accent, Age, Boyfriend, Height and Weight

Josie Gibson has been a popular presenter on ITV This Morning. People love the show and appreciate her work. She looks pretty and stunning in her every appearance. 

She gets more attention after her weight loss journey. People started talking about her even more when she completed her weight loss regime successfully. 

You will get more details about Josie Gibson’s Current weight and height. Keep reading this article for more details. 

Josie Gibson

Who Is Josie Gibson? 

Josie Gibson is a well-known presenter on ITV This Morning. She is known for her bubbly and charming personality. She has a good fashion sense. She often experiments with something new in her clothing and fashion style. 

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson’s Weight and Height: 

Josie is having a good height. She is 5.8 ft. This height is often considered ideal among girls. She is often considered over others as she is easily visible in the crowd.  

People like her work. She often is taller than her co-hosts. If we talk about her height in centimeters, she is 177cm (about 5.81 ft) tall.  

Her weight loss journey is quite impressive. She has lost three stones which are around 42 pounds of weight. She is often considered for taking advice for their healthy diet. 

Josie Gibson

She did it in the correct way. Many people often don’t know how to lose weight without losing their energy. She cracks the hack. 

The Weight loss makes her healthier. She is seen as more confident. All her diet and other things are shared with her openly. She believes that everyone has the right to be fit and healthy.  

Apart from her height and weight, people also talk about her fashion sense. Let us have more details about her dress. Keep reading for more details. 

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson’s Fashion Sense: 

She is bold and confident about her clothing choices. People often appreciate her fashion sense. Last time, she won a yellow dress that was appreciated by everyone.  

It is often not easy for everyone to choose to wear what they like. People often fear being judged. This is not the case with Josie Gibson. 

Josie Gibson


Josie was born on 24 January 1985. She is currently thirty-six years old. Her net worth is 600,000 which is a great number.  

She has been through a few plastic surgeries. She is open about it. She has a breast lift and tummy tuck. She exercises regularly and prefers vegetables, fruits, and Lean Protein. 

This was all about Josie Gibson. Stay tuned for more details.

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