Sophie Gregoire Pregnancy Photos: Trudeau Confirmed That She’s Pregnant

Is Sophie Gregoire pregnant? This rumor is currently surrounding most of the internet platforms. Her fans want to know that is this news is true or not. Recently, on the Morning Show Sophie shared some struggles with her facing mental health and anxiety. She talked about all of these topics for the first time just to motivate those people who are depressed, or who are facing anxiety. But now in this article, we are going to know that is her pregnancy rumor is true or not. So come with us and let us discover the truth in this article.

Sophie Gregoire Pregnancy

Sophie Gregoire Pregnancy Photos

Sophie Gregoire is a Canadian celebrity. She is well-known for being Justin Trudeau’s spouse. Justin Trudeau has served as Canada’s prime minister since 2015. She was born on 24th April 1975 in Montreal, Quebec. She was a television personality and a public speaker prior to the rise of her husband’s political career. Sophie Gregoire has contributed to several humanitarian and social projects as the prime minister’s wife. She has promoted causes including gender equality, mental health awareness, and children’s welfare using her platform. She has also been involved in assisting regional artists and promoting Canadian fashion designers. Scroll down to know that is she pregnant or not.

Trudeau Confirmed Sophie Gregoire Pregnancy

Sophie Gregoire is married to Trudeau. He is a 51-year-old man. He is now a well-known politician in Canada. They both got married in 2005. They both have appeared in several magazines like they have been on the cover page of Vogue magazine and they both have brought star power to the Prime Minister’s office.

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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

They are already blessed with three children named Hardrien who is 9 years old, Xavier who is 15 years old, and Ella-Grace who is 14 years old. So if we talk about the pregnancy y rumor of Sophie Gregoire so, No she is not pregnant. This rumor came out on the internet after the news of her separation from her husband.

Sophie Gregoire Pregnancy Photos

Sophia Gregoire and Trudeau have separated from each other now. They announced their separation by writing, “We are always going to remain as a close family but with a deep love and respect for each other they have decided to live our own life and continue building our career”. They both met each other for the first time when they were young. But then they didn’t meet each other for a long time, then they met each other again in 2003 at a fundraising event.

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