Shirley Strawberry Husband Drama Explained: Radio Host Shirley Strawberry Arrested

Below, depending on sources, is information about Shirley Strawberry’s husband being detained. Find out who Shirley Strawberry’s husband is and if he has ever been arrested. American radio host, actor, writer, and television personality Shirley Strawberry is also an author. She is well known for her work on The Mo’Nique Show, Strawberry Letter, and Madea Goes to Jail. Shirley started her radio career as a co-host for The Doug Banks Show at Chicago’s WCGI-FM in the middle of the 1980s. Read the rest of the article to find out everything there is to know about Shirley Strawberry Husband Arrested.

Shirley Strawberry

Shirley Strawberry Husband Drama

Co-hosting the morning program “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” on the radio is Shirley Strawberry. She is a well-known author of the book “The Strawberry Letter” and is renowned as a powerful woman with strong opinions. She is reportedly of African American descent. She would imitate women on the radio when she was younger, which sparked an interest in hosting. Ernesto Williams is the husband of Shirley Strawberry. Since there are no specifics about his arrest, Shirley Strawberry’s husband has not been detained. Since there is no information about his arrest, it is considered that the rumors are untrue. Ernesto Williams is the husband of Shirley Strawberry. He has owned “Ernesto Cuts” for over 20 years, and he works in the male grooming profession.

Since their initial encounter in 2013, Shirley and Ernesto have been dating. In 2015, Shirley’s husband dropped down on one knee and got hitched as they were both living on air. Although it is rumored that she was previously married, little is known about her ex-husband. For those who are asking if Shirley Strawberry’s husband has been detained, the answer is no, and the rumors are untrue. According to the TV guide, Ernesto Williams was born in 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is a businessman and hairstylist best known as Shirley Strawberry’s husband. Akon and Shaquille O’Neal are just a couple of the celebrities that have had “The 24 Hour Barber Shop” haircuts.

According to the tv guide Time, Shirley Strawberry and her ex-husband have a daughter named Sheridan. In the 1960s, Shirley Strawberry was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. The “best voice on the radio” according to radio personality Steve Harvey is Shirley. Radio Ink refers to her as one of the “most influential women in radio.” As the National Radio co-, Shirley Strawberry was given the 2018 Annual Gracie Award by the Alliance for Women in Media. She received the “Best New Author” NAACP Image Award.

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