Leigh Sales Pregnant Or Not: Is Australian Journalist Expecting A Baby

People want to know if Leigh Sales, a journalist, is expecting a child. To learn the truth, keep reading. Leigh Peta Sales AM, an Australian journalist, and novelist, is best known for her work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Additionally, Sales hosted ABC TV’s 7.30 current events program from 2011 until 2022. Leigh has conducted interviews with a number of notable figures and world leaders, such as Salman Rushdie, Paul McCartney, Patti Smith, Hillary Clinton, and the Dalai Lama. Additionally, she received membership in the Order of Australia in 2019 for her work in broadcast journalism. Read on to learn more.

Australian Journalist Pregnant

Leigh Sales Pregnant Or Not

Leigh Sales, a well-known journalist, is said to be expecting a child in 2023, which sparked pregnancy rumors about her. It’s claimed that the media noticed her pregnancy bump after seeing that she had gained a little weight. Looking at her most recent Instagram photographs, Sales hasn’t put on any weight and hasn’t announced that she’s expecting. Additionally, she shares two boys with her ex-husband Phil Willis. When Leigh’s second son James was born, she said that she and her infant son both came dangerously near to passing away. When she gave birth in the early months of 2014 and suffered a uterine rupture, which left her in severe pain, the host of 7.30 continued to have issues.

Leigh Sales Pregnant

Additionally, the difficult times persisted. Leigh was keen to bond with her baby after the first few days apart, but she soon realised she couldn’t nurse. At the age of five weeks, while she was still trying to heal from the traumatic birth, James was diagnosed with viral meningitis. She had flashbacks of the difficult labour as well. Despite these challenges, the author nevertheless handled everything with tremendous strength. Daniel, her oldest kid, too needs recurrent surgery due to a hand tremor. Leigh Sales is a mother that struggles to care for her two children when they occasionally become sick.

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Leigh Sales Australian Journalist

Even if the reasons for the journalist’s divorce from Willis have been made public, it still exists. Additionally, the information about her ex-husband is not reported in the media. Furthermore, the rumours that Leigh Sales was expecting in 2023 were untrue. Leigh Sales started working for the ABC in Brisbane in 1995. Since that time, Sales has held a number of significant jobs with ABC and covered the state elections for New South Wales as a political correspondent in 1999 and 2007. In 2000, she covered the Olympics as well. She also worked as a Washington correspondent till 2005.

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