Who Is Hajur El-Haggan? What did Hajur El-Haggan say?

The ongoing conflict between the people of the Gaza Strip and the state of Israel will continue to have an impact on the lives of many people. One of those people is the teacher, Ms. Hajur Al-Hajgan. She is currently in the spotlight after it was reported that she was put on leave because of her email signature which contained a controversial phrase in support of the rights of the Palestinians. The move did not go down well with the Islamic community as she is a Muslim and there were worries that she is being treated unfairly because she is a Muslim. Since the issue came to light, many people have been searching for more information about it.

Hajur El-Haggan

Who Is Hajur El-Haggan?

Hajur El-Haggan a black Muslim Arab American school teacher in Maryland has been placed on administrative leave after her email signature included a controversial statement supporting the rights of the Palestinians. The CAIR filed a discrimination complaint Wednesday on behalf of the math teacher, who has been employed by Montgomery County Public Schools since 2015. According to the complaint filed on Wednesday, November 20, the principal of the Argyle Middle School in Maryland informed Ms. Al-Haggan that she was being placed on immediate leave for her political and personal views.

What did Hajur El-Haggan say

Hajur El-Haggan has been a Montgomery County Public Schools middle school math teacher since 2015. Recently, she has been in the headlines after reportedly being placed on immediate leave for expressing political and personal views in her email signature. According to the lawsuit, El-Hagin used the phrase to refer to Israel’s restrictions on Palestinians’ ability to move within the West Bank, Gaza, and enter Israel, as well as to visit Jerusalem’s holy sites. The term has been widely used in pro-Palestinian protests during the conflict between Israel and the Hamas organization. At least one member of the US House of Representatives has been sharply criticized by peers for using the term.

At the press conference, Eva Frankl, a spokeswoman for Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a pro-Palestinian group, said that “Hajur el-Haggan” is targeted because she has “supported the people of Palestine, who are enduring a terrible war that affects every living thing in the world.” Frankl also asked why support “for Palestinian life (is) more problematic than support for Black life, Jewish life, or women’s life?” In the complaint, it was alleged that the plaintiff was discriminated against on the grounds of race and religion, as well as other factors, and that the county’s actions violated both Maryland’s Fair Employment Practices Act (EPSA) and Title VII (EPSA). Stay tuned to our website to get more updates on the latest news.

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