Leeds Police Arrest Autistic Girl: Police face complaint over arrest

Here, we’ll discuss the viral news story of a woman with autism that the police were notified of. The video is going viral online, and the general public is looking online to learn more about it. As a result, we have provided information about the breaking news regarding recent arrests for our readers in this post. In addition, as people are looking for information about the popular video online, we will also provide it. To learn more, read the article in its entirety.

Leeds Police Arrest Autistic Girl

Leeds Police Arrest Autistic Girl

A parent reported her autistic daughter’s detention after she said a female cop “looked like her lesbian nana” in a police complaint. The young woman was seen being detained by seven police officers outside her Leeds home early on Monday, August 7, in a video that her mother posted to TikTok. She was escorted home, according to the police, following reports that she was inebriated and unsafe in Leeds’s downtown. According to West Yorkshire Police, the footage only provided a “limited snapshot” of what happened. This is what police do when dealing with autistic youngsters, according to a video of the encounter that the teen’s mother posted online.

Leeds Police Arrest Autistic Girl

“My daughter told me the policeman reminded her of her lesbian grandmother, “Although it wasn’t, the officer misread it and claimed it was homophobic. The policeman then went into my house. They kept handling my kid even though she was having panic episodes from being handled by them. A 16-year-old was detained on suspicion of a homophobic public order crime, according to a West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman, although the video “only provides a very limited snapshot of the circumstances of this incident.” The girl is seen sitting in a corner close to a cabinet in the footage while two cops are seen standing in the family’s home’s hallway.

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Leeds Police Arrest Autistic Girl

She said, “I think she’s a lesbian, like my nana,” which is not a homophobic remark, the mother is heard stating. Later, she continues: “You’re going to remove her for what, you’re upset she used the word lesbian? Her grandmother is a lesbian who is wed to a woman. She is not anti-homosexual. The girl is screaming as she is carried away as more officers show up. Assistant Chief Constable Oz Khan with the West Yorkshire Police stated: “West Yorkshire Police takes its obligations around the wellbeing of young people taken into custody and around neurodiversity very seriously. We also believe that while protecting our communities from harm, our police and staff shouldn’t have to deal with abuse.

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