WATCH: Tory Rising star Snorting White Powder Off Singed Photo of David Cameron

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Tory Rising star Snorting

Tory Rising star Snorting White Powder

On a hand-signed, framed portrait of a beaming David Cameron, a rising Tory star who has crossed paths with Rishi Sunak is shown offering “fun flour” to a visitor. At a house party on July 14, Philip Stephenson-Oliver, the prominent Westminster North Conservative Association’s chair, observes as a friend seems to use a banknote to snort what is allegedly cocaine in his bedroom. A short while later, he was observed performing it himself. Stephenson-Oliver, 29, has now been suspended by incensed Conservative Party leaders, shattering his ambition to become an MP. He had just spent time with London mayoral candidate Susan Hall at an event sponsored by his Tory Association hours before the video was recorded.

To add to his collection of photos with notable figures including Mr Sunak, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, he happily posed for one with her. When Stephenson-Oliver was chosen as a Conservative candidate for Westminster Council last year, his chances of climbing the Party ladder were improved. He came within a whisker of winning a seat. However, the spontaneous gathering of friends at his home in one of West London’s most affluent neighbourhoods has destroyed such dreams. According to a witness, he pulled “cocaine” out of a nightstand drawer and used pub trivia questions to determine who got to snort first.

One of the alleged questions was, “What animal did David Cameron f***?” and it is claimed to have been in reference to a shocking allegation in a biography of his PM idol. According to legend, a pal yelled back, “A f****** pig, come on Phil, I thought you’d make it difficult this time.” The video depicts Stephenson-Oliver stooped over and clutching the Cameron image. He appears to lay a line of the chemical before lowering it and standing up. A picture of the framed Cameron painting also reveals white powder smears, a rolled-up note, and a bank card with Stephenson-Oliver’s full name prominently displayed.

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