How Do You Get The Chicago Typewriter Remnant 2: How To Access And More

Experienced gamers will be familiar with the Chicago Typewriter weapon in Remnant 2. If you were hoping to locate one of the most well-liked things from Remnant: From the Ashes in the new game, this guide will show you where to look. The bundle also contains the Leto Mark II additional armor. In battle, the Chicago Typewriter is a surprisingly effective improvised Tommy Gun. It excels in close-quarters combat, efficiently suppressing foes with its large ammo capacity and quick rate of fire. Continue to read the article if you want to understand more.

Chicago Typewriter Rremnant 2

How Do You Get The Chicago Typewriter Remnant 2

The Chicago Typewriter is located in Ward 13 on the ship. But getting there is another matter entirely. The MP60-R handgun should have been brought to the ship by players who have used the unique code to open Ford’s footlocker. If you’d done that, you could have seen something shining purple through a window. The Chicago Typewriter is that. Play through the campaign until you have completed the Labyrinth because you will need access to it to obtain the weapon. Teleport to the Engtangled Gauntlet once you’ve finished this. Please bear with us as this becomes a little more complicated. The embedded video above allows you to view the whole journey you will need to follow.

Run up the stairs to the right and through the portal after using the teleport stone at the Entangled Gauntlet. Turn around behind the portal once you cross over and take a look down. You can descend to another portal that is located below the cliff. You will be thrown out in front of several stairs and another portal to the left after doing this. You will fly out the other end with a hole in the wall to your left if you rush up the steps and through the portal. Once inside, turn to your left again to find additional bricks that you can begin scaling.

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As you climb the wall, jump over any necessary blocks. When you reach a gap, you can stoop to pass through it and turn around to follow the tunnel. On the other side, leap over the top of the portal, then crouch-walk until you get to a portal on the left. You’ll be inside the spacecraft after you open it and enter. The Chicago Typewriter is on a bench, and there is a notepad with some history on the table. The Leto Mark II armor is waiting for you in the blue cargo container. In Remnant 2, the Chicago Typewriter is a great weapon for a DIY Tommy Gun. You can change it as you like because it doesn’t have any fixed Mods or Mutators.

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