John Farnham’s Son Gives Update On Dad’s Health Condition On Sunrise Interview

We’ll discuss John Farnham in this article because so many people are looking him up online. In addition to looking for him, the public is also looking for his son after he provided an update on him. We will therefore discuss him and his family in this piece. In addition, since the public is interested in his health, we will provide details about it as well. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

John Farnham Son

John Farnham’s Son Gives Update On Dad’s Health

During a live interview, John Farnham’s son provided an update on his father’s health, claiming the legendary Australian artist has resumed singing and has begun “tap dancing.” Robert Farnham made an on-air appearance with Gaynor Wheatley, a close family friend of his father’s, to talk about the debut of the acclaimed John Farnham: Finding The Voice on Channel Seven.

John Farnham health

Robert revealed to Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington that his father was recovering well from major surgery last August. After receiving a throat cancer diagnosis, the 74-year-old underwent a 12-hour surgery during which doctors removed a malignancy from his mouth and rebuilt his jaw.

Robert now claims that his father is “cancer free” and “really, really happy.” He declared on Sunrise that “he’s doing fantastic.” “Just the other day he was, you know, strolling around with his cane and doing a little bit of a dance, which was fairly great. He’s quite pleased since he walks his dog a lot. The pleased son continued by saying that his father had even picked up singing once more. He said, “He’s doing well, and he’s very upbeat.”Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing, as we’ve mentioned before. And although he is cancer-free, it is now his time to travel that path. And yes, he is doing fantastically well. So, hearing him is very, very good. He sings the entire song at home once more.

Later, Robert and Wheatley took it a step further on The Morning Show, claiming that the singer was “literally” tap dancing while recuperating. Robert told hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, “He’s doing great, he’s very funny again.” Cancer is a cruel disease, and he had to travel that journey at that time. However, he is now cancer-free and tap dancing his way. “Literally!” Wheatley concluded. “Yeah, literally,” Robert said. And yes, he is currently having fun. Wheatley and Robert said on The Morning Show that Farnham was happy with the movie’s popularity despite not having seen it.

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