How To Pre-Order Yu-Gi-Oh 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set?

Yu-Gi-Oh is celebrating its 25th anniversary. People are waiting for the magnificent briefcase. What will be special this time? You will get complete details about Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game’s 25th anniversary. Keep reading for more information.

25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set

25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set

The ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Trading card game 25th-anniversary Kaiba set is available for pre-order. You can pre-order to not miss the opportunity to get this briefcase. The makers have announced the pre-order details. You can start your pre-order now. Yes! the makers have mentioned that you can pre-order the briefcase in May 2023. You can follow different website links based on the country or region you live in like North America, Latin America, and Europe.

A Glimpse Of Yu-Gi-Oh For Newbie:

Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game. It has its own universe. It is played with monsters, spells, and traps. It also has manga, series, and video games. Let us have more details about the 25th anniversary ultimate Kaiba set launch date.

What Is The Launch Date Of the Yu-Gi-Oh 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set?

The launch date of the 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba set has not been mentioned yet. It will e provided soon. However, the makers have something to say about its launch date. Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game 25th Anniversary Kaiba Set will release in Early 2024 which means it has changes to launch between Jan 2024 to March 2024. It is just an estimate. There is no fixed date yet or confirmation about the same yet. The next question among the fans is its price.

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What Will Be The Price Of Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Game 25th Anniversary Kaiba Set?

MSRP of the 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set is said to be $399.99 per briefcase. Let us have more details about what will be in this briefcase. Mr. Kaiba kept three remaining copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Mr. Kaiba is well-known that his fans are having an eye on his briefcase. That is why, on the 25th anniversary of Gu-Gi-Oh, you can order a metal briefcase that belongs only to you.

What Does Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set Contain?

The Kaiba set will contain the following:

  1. One Quarter Century Secret Rre Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  2. One 58-card ultra Rare DEck of Mr. Kaiba’s most famous other cards.
  3. Attack Guidance Armor, Life Shaver, and Magical Trick Mirror.
  4. Three English Version Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  5. Slats And Kaiba Corp.
  6. A Heavy Metal carrying case. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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