How to Fix Valorant Spray Wheel Not Working? Step-By-Step Guide

Valorant is a popluar game. everyone likes to play Valorant. there has been an error in the working of the spray wheel of the game. All the gamers are eager to fix the issue. How can one fix the Valorant Spray wheel not working issue? You will get complete details about Valorant Spray Wheel not working issue and the ways to fix it. Keep reading for more information.

Valorant Spray Wheel

Valorant Spray Wheel Not Working

Valorant Spary Wheel is new feature in Valorant. It is also known by the name, patch 6.10. If one has this feature on, they can easily equip and cycle to four sprays simultaneously with the help of T Key. Some gamers are not able to use this feature. If one uses a spray wheel, one can shift from one spray to another. The game experience is enhanced. People are facing the issue of the Valorant Spary Wheel not working. Below are some reasons why Valorant Spray Wheel is not working.

  1. Check whether the Spray key binding is working or not. This can be checked by going to the settings menu and controls tab.
  2. Sometimes, multiple keys are bound to the same action. This can lead to key conflicts.
  3. Check your Spray Wheel Status.
  4. The game must be updated, or else it will not work properly.
  5. The game can also have some bugs. If you restart the PC, you can solve the problem. You can also visit customer support for the same. These were the major reasons why Valorant Wheel Spray can not work properly. Let us now discuss the ways to fix Valorant Spray Wheel.
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How To Fix Valorant Wheel Spray?

  1. Check whether the Spray key is bound to a valid spare key. If this is not the case, you can o to settings, control tab, and Abilities Section. This will make sure that Spray Key is bound correctly.
  2. Checking Up Spray Key Wheels: For this, you just need to go to settings in Valorant, video tab, and Gameplay Section, The last step is to confirm the Spray Wheel option by enabling it.
  3. The next step is to clear the cache in the valiant game. It will fasten up the game and make it easy to operate.
  4. If the issue still exists, you can also restart the game.
  5. If this also not works, try reinstalling the game, it will remove any error or problem in the working or coordination of the game with the computer’s software.
  6. The last step is to connect customer care.

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