Who Is Jodi Hildebrandt Husband Brenten C. Pugh? Meet Het Kids and Family

Do you know who is Brenten C. Pugh? No right? So he is the husband of Jodi Hildebrandt. We all know who is Jodi. She is a life coach, author, and mainly the founder of Connexions in Utah. Her name came into the headlines many times. And similarly, she is trending right now because of her husband. The followers of Jodi are curious to know about her husband. People also want to know about her kids. Because of that, she is trending right now. Many people have searched about her family on the search bar of the browser. So read this article entirely if you want to learn everything.

Jodi Hildebrandt

Who Is Brenten C. Pugh?

Jodi Hildebrandt is an author, life coach, and the founder of the Connexions which is located in Utah. She is widely famous as the founder of Connexions. Before becoming the founder she used to work in Cirque Lodge which is a drug rehabilitation institution specializing in addiction therapy. She is a well-educated person and she loves to help people in their life. On her official website, she has clearly stated that she loves to spread life teaching in the entire world. She loves to focus on health, and a meaningful life, and she also loves to connect with the public. She loves to make genuine connections.

Jodi Hildebrandt

Jodi Hildebrandt believes in teaching the public about the new truth of life which people are afraid to accept. Her thought is that it might help people in their life. She is an expert in guiding people to live in healthy and meaningful relationships. She loves to know about other people’s life but she is a private person as she doesn’t share much about her personal life. She never discusses her marriage life or personal life. But we have some little bit of information about Jodi Hildebrandt’s marriage life so to know that scroll down.

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Jodi Hildebrandt

Jodi Hildebrandt was a married person. She was married to Brenten C. Pugh. They both were married to each other but in 1999 they separated from each other. Then she never got married to anyone else again. Jodi is the mother of two children. The name of one child is Addison Hildebrandt. The name of the second child has not been disclosed yet. She didn’t reveal much information about her kids publically. But it is true that both the kids are raised by their mother. It is not known whether the second child is a son or a daughter. Both the kids are from her marriage with Brenten C. Pugh.

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